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Day of the Dead, Mexico
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Halloween celebrations from around the world

Dating back to pagan times, Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays. It has come a long way since then, with Halloween celebrations around the world enjoyed by adults and children alike.   Ireland  Much of Halloween’s origins come from the Emerald Isle so traditions are well ingrained for the Irish. For their own take […]

Avalon Siem Reap
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5 reasons to add an Avalon Waterways Mekong cruise to your bucket list

The Mekong River is one of the world’s greatest, its waters flowing almost 5,000 kilometres across six countries. It acts as a major lifeline, particularly for Vietnam and Cambodia. The Mekong is a major transport route between the two countries for ships of all sizes sailing on the river.  While most of Avalon Waterways’ river cruises are in Europe, […]

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How to eat like a local in Tuscany, Italy

It’s no surprise that Tuscany is one of Italy’s most popular regions, especially for the foodie aficionado. Tuscany is famous not just in Italy, but around the world, for its simplistic way of cooking. The region is well situated with the perfect climate for growing fruit and vegetables and farming (primarily) beef and pork. […]


Coffee Around The World: Part II

The art of coffee has a longstanding history, dating back to 800 AD. Legend has it that goat herders noticed the effect the fruit of the coffea plant had on their goats after eating it. It made the goats lively and appear to ‘dance’. A local monk then produced a drink with it […]

Lyon, France
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A weekend in Lyon, France – a travel guide

Ah, Lyon. Often called the gastronomic capital of France, Lyonnais specialties are regarded of the highest quality across the globe. Not only does it have a strong foodie culture, Lyon is also filled with a charming Old Town, vibrant creative community, spectacular sights and a fascinating history. With so much to see and do, we’ve picked out the highlights for […]

Leadenhall Market
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10 of the best photo spots in London

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Ranging from lush parks and ancient landmarks to high-end boutique shops and eclectic neighbourhoods, you could spend months exploring the city and still be finding new places to see and things to do! Bearing that in mind, here are 10 […]