We are pleased to announce that the Globus family of brands’ February Lighthouse Project spotlight is on the South African National Parks Honorary Rangers

The South African National Parks Honorary Rangers (SANParks) one of our planet-focused initiatives that we support in order to do our part to keep the world in its best light. While we take travellers to many corners of the earth, we also want to ensure that we make every effort to conserve and preserve each destination. 

Kruger National Park
Photo by Juanma Clemente Alloza on Unsplash

SANParks is a world-class volunteer organisation who are dedicated to promoting sustainable national parks that represent South Africa’s biodiversity and heritage for future generations.  

The first volunteers began in Kruger National Park in 1902 and they have continued this legacy ever since. Now there are over 2,000 volunteers who are all SANParks Honorary Rangers and work across 19 of South Africa’s national parks whether it be through fundraising, education or hands-on initiatives.  

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