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USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii
Lighthouse Project

Lighthouse Project – USS Arizona Memorial

For the Globus family of brand’s November Lighthouse Project spotlight, we would like to introduce you to the USS Arizona Memorial.   This memorial in Hawaii falls under our ‘Places’ pillar, whereby we reflect on the past to brighten the future. Many of the parks, palaces, museums and monuments that we enjoy today are the […]

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya
Lighthouse Project

Lighthouse Project – Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

As part of the Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project, we make every effort to conserve and preserve each destination. This means protecting waterways and wildlife while shining a light on organisations that do the same. For October, we would like to shine a light on the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.   The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust operates […]

Lighthouse Project

The Globus family of brands Lighthouse Project

2021 will mark the 51st year of recognising 22 April as Earth Day, a day that is part of a greater worldwide effort to raise awareness of our planet’s environment.   Up until 1970, the world wasn’t very aware of the pollution around us which was increasingly threatening human health. With the culmination of various events creating a snowball effect of an effort to raise awareness […]