The Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project is proud to be shining a spotlight on the Zion Natural History Association this June. 

The Zion Natural History Association (ZNHA) is a not-for-profit organisation that encompasses several programs that benefit the iconic Zion National Park. The dramatic landscapes of Zion are impressive, evoking inspiration and wonder, accompanied with the gravity of responsibility for preservation for future generations. The immensity of both can be difficult to comprehend.  

Zion National Park
Photo by Karan Chawla on Unsplash

As keepers of this natural sanctuary in Utah, the ZNHA began in 1929 with a mission to provide the park – and those who run it – with the critical resources needed now to protect Zion for the future. Through its non-profit partner, the Zion National Park Forever Project, beneficial projects have been undertaken like trail restoration, youth education, historic art preservation and education around Zion’s ecosystem and environment. 

If Zion National Park is on your travel bucket list, it is visited on several Globus and Cosmos tours. For more information on the Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project, click here

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