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Statue of Liberty, NYC
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Five places to celebrate the 4th of July.

While the 4th of July may not mean a huge deal to those of us residing in the Southern Hemisphere, experiencing a fireworks fuelled Independence Day celebration in America is definitely something you’ll want to add to your travel bucket list. From its iconic cities to its cool beach towns, the U.S. has a never-ending list of epic destinations that come alive in the summer months commemorating the star-spangled occasion. So, grab […]

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Six of Canada’s most iconic wildlife.

With rich forests, coastal waters, formidable mountains and magnificent lakes, Canada’s wondrous outdoors is home sweet home for approximately over 80,000 classified species of wildlife! With over half of Canada’s landscape (fairly) free of human development, it comes as no surprise that there is such a range of biodiversity. While the moose or beaver are famous in Canada, there are many […]

New Orleans
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Boogie your way through the Southern States of the U.S.

The Deep South of the U.S. spans from Texas, the ‘Lone Star State’, and stretches to the east up to Virginia, the ‘Mother of States’. As one of the most racially diverse areas in the country, you’ll find many Africans, Native Americans and Europeans have made it their home. The best part is the melting pot of cultures and history, complete with […]

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3 hidden gems in Eastern Canada you may not know of

Eastern Canada is such a diverse region with so much to offer travellers and locals alike. With its French roots in Québec to the maritime area in Newfoundland, you won’t fall short of experiencing a variety of cultures, tasty local cuisine and hidden gems.   Whilst most people may stick to more of the well-known places such as Toronto and Niagara Falls, we think there are […]