Coffee Around The World: Part II

The art of coffee has a longstanding history, dating back to 800 AD. Legend has it that goat herders noticed the effect the fruit of the coffea plant had on their goats after eating it. It made the goats lively and appear to ‘dance’. A local monk then produced a drink with it […]

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The history of Oberammergau.

Found deep in the heart of Bavaria is the charming town of Oberammergau. While small in size, the village boasts one of the biggest performances in Europe with a fascinating history to boot. The Passion Play is an eight-hour portrayal of the Passion of the Christ, taking you through his journey from his entry into Jerusalem to his […]

Mother's Day

6 Mother’s Day Traditions from around the globe

Although Mother’s Day is celebrated in various months across the world, the sentiment is still the same – to celebrate the mother figures in our lives who have shown us unconditional love and guidance throughout our lifetimes. We love to read all about how different cultures celebrate, so we’ve rounded up 6 Mother’s Day traditions from around the […]

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3 hidden gems in Eastern Canada you may not know of

Eastern Canada is such a diverse region with so much to offer travellers and locals alike. With its French roots in Québec to the maritime area in Newfoundland, you won’t fall short of experiencing a variety of cultures, tasty local cuisine and hidden gems.   Whilst most people may stick to more of the well-known places such as Toronto and Niagara Falls, we think there are […]

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15 cultural things to do in Japan

Japan is a seriously incredible country that ticks all the boxes when visiting – historic sites? Tick. Delicious food? Tick. Efficient public transport? Tick. Quirky activities? Tick. All this and more are woven together to form a culture that is guaranteed to make anyone fall in love with Japan; leading to travellers yearning for a return trip as soon as they’ve left. We’ve compiled a […]