One of the most rewarding ways to experience a different culture is through its cuisine. From a plate of perfectly thin crêpes to a bowl of steaming hot ramen, these are some of our favourite foodie hotspots with Globus. 

Spanish Fiesta 

14 days Madrid return 


Spanish tapas
Delicious bites of tapas
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Pamplona is infamous for their annual ‘Running of the Bulls’ event that takes place every July. This excursion will be much less chaotic (and dangerous!) on the same narrow, cobblestone road where the event is held – Calle Estafeta. Calle Estafeta is also a haven for food lovers, especially at Restaurante Basuburua. This family-run establishment has been serving up tapas and wine since 1955 in various iterations. Enjoy a traditional dinner with a Rioja wine tasting here. 


Málaga Old Town
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Málaga is known as the gateway to the Costa del Sol, as well as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. After a fascinating walking tour through its Old City, you’ll have worked up an appetite. Enter El Pimpi Bodega, part-owned by actor and native of Málaga, Antonio Banderas. Indulge in an array of mouthwatering tapas in this former 18th century home, now wine cellar.  

Visions of Japan 

11 days Tokyo to Kyoto 


Japanese tea ceremony
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There are many traditions in Japan, one of which is a tea ceremony. Participate in this ancient ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea. Served in beautiful ceramic cups, it’s a wonderful way to start off your tour in Japan.  


There are many locally produced food items in Japan, including the aromatic wasabi. Historically, wasabi was used for medicinal purposes as an antidote against food poisoning. Nowadays, the horseradish-like paste is instantly recognisable by its green colour. In Matsumoto, you’ll visit a local wasabi farm for a private tour to learn about its growth and production. Followed by lunch and a scoop of wasabi ice cream to tickle your taste buds. 


Miso soup
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Roll up your sleeves for a cooking class to make your own lunch! Follow along with a talented chef who will walk you through how to prepare, cook and taste miso soup, teriyaki chicken and makizushi (sushi roll). Ittadakimasu (‘I receive this food’, or a way of expressing gratitude for the meal)!  

French Rendez-Vous 

11 days Paris to Nice 

Château Royal du Cognac 

Did you know that it was the Dutch who began creating brandy (and therefore, cognac)? Rewind to the 16th century when the Dutch began distilling French wines into brandy to help preserve the liquid gold for their journey home. Nowadays, you can visit the Château Royal du Cognac for a fascinating insight into this building and its cognac production. Not only will you tour the château, but you’ll also learn about the origins and production of cognac as well as try a couple of varieties. 

Les Baux de Provence 

Les Baux de Provence
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From cognac to olive oil, Les Baux de Provence is a prolific region of olive oil production. There are olive vines everywhere, so you know that any olive oil from here will be special. On this Globus tour, visit a local olive oil mill to see the machinery and learn how the ‘green gold’ oil is extracted. This mill makes about 20 different types of olive oil, and you’ll try about 5 of these varieties.  

Pacific Coast Adventure 

9 days Seattle to San Francisco 


Clearwater Restaurant, Newport
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Newport is well-regarded for being a seafood haven. Picture bountiful scallops, lobsters, fish and oysters. That’s why Globus has included a dinner at Clearwater Restaurant, a firm favourite amongst locals given its commitment to sustainability and Newport’s community. You’ll dine on fresh, local seafood with unmatched views of the harbour – an unforgettable way to finish your time here.  

Northern Italy’s Highlights & Cinque Terre 

10 days Milan return 


What’s better than learning about one of Italy’s 1,000-year-old foodie traditions? Learning about it in a cheese factory in Busseto, Parma. At this local caseifici (cheese factory), you’ll be taken through various rooms from processing to salting to maturing. Your informative guide will take you through the history of how parmesan cheese was developed. Then, you’ll try some parmesan in various degrees of maturation to really hone your taste buds.  


Trofie pasta with pesto
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Not only does Genoa have one of the largest medieval city centres in Europe, but it’s also famous for being the birthplace of pesto. We all know, and love, this herby green sauce. Traditionally served with trofie pasta, enjoy a fun pesto demonstration with – of course – a tasting on freshly baked focaccia afterwards. 


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The city of Vercelli is found between Milan and Turin, in the heart of the Piedmont region. Vercelli is the heart of Europe’s rice production, so Globus has included a tour and risotto lunch at a rice factory here. One of the beloved grains grown in Vercelli is the japonica. It adds the perfect creamy texture to risotto as it holds its shape during the cooking process.  

Taste and sip your way around the world with Globus tours to some of our favourite foodie hotspots. Check out our craveable destinations today. 

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