The Southern regions of Italy are fast becoming a popular destination for travellers. Whether you’ve visited the main hubs before and want to see more of Italy, or are a first-time visitor, we can guarantee Southern Italy will tick the boxes for your dream holiday. Cosmos will take you right to the heart of the destination so you can discover the undiscovered. Join us on adventure through Southern Italy, visiting these spectacular places. 

The Old Harbour of Bari 

Bari, Italy
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With the Adriatic Sea right at its doorstep, Bari is a bustling port city that is worth a visit. But we’re not looking at its big ferry port, we’re looking for a real local insight. Bari’s old harbour is where all the action happens where traditional fishing boats catch and sell their daily hauls. Wander amongst the docks, listen to the chatter and you might be lucky enough to try some of the fresh seafood cooked over a rustic stove! You can then continue on a stroll along Lungomare, the longest seafront in Italy. 

The hilltop town of Erice 

Erice, Sicily
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Step back in time as you take your first step on the grounds of Erice. This Sicilian town is a treasured example of a well-preserved medieval walled town, perched high above the Mediterranean Sea. Wind your way up a narrow road, or sit back and relax in a cable car, to reach the hilltop town. Erice has many ancient landmarks to explore (hello, Venus Castle!) or you can wander on your own time through its triangular layout, complete with panoramic views to boot. 

The conical houses of Alberobello 

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Visiting Alberobello is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with its trulli houses found only in the Puglia region of Italy. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, trulli are constructed from limestone boulders with their distinctive conical-shaped roofs. We would recommend heading to the Rione Aia Piccola district which can be less busy and more local.  

The medieval charm of Cefalù 

Cefalu, Sicily
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You can’t miss Cefalù with its oddly-shaped hill (called La Rocca) that sits alongside the Sicilian town’s colourful houses. Formerly part of fortifications, there are still ancient ruins and various parts of the old town left around the hill that make it ideal for history enthusiasts. One of the best parts is Cefalù Castle which sits at the very top of La Rocca with phenomenal views of the coastline. This coastline is also home to one of the best beaches in Sicily, so don’t miss having a dip there! 

The maze of Piazza Armerina 

Piazza Armerina
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Discover the undiscovered town of Piazza Armerina, found in the heart of Sicily. Built into the hills, Piazza Armerina is a maze of steep streets that adds to the town’s charm. It is well worth the climb to the Piazza del Duomo to marvel at the 18th century cathedral, complete with an incredible view. Also, nearby is Villa Romana del Casale – a complex filled with the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world!  

Join us on a Cosmos tour through Southern Italy to discover the undiscovered! Take a look at our Italian tours today. 

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