There’s no doubt that you want to sing “that’s amoreeee!” when it comes to trying all the different types of pizza in Italy. Each region, or even city, has put their own stamp on pizza which means you can travel throughout Italy and carb-load on pizza without getting sick of it! With National Pizza Day being 9 February, here are six delicious types of pizza that you must try when in Italy. Buon appetito! 

Pizza Napoletana, Naples 

Pizza Napoletana
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The absolute classic pizza Napoletana is, by far and away, the most renowned type of Italian pizza. So much so, the art of making this type of pizza was added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2017! The pizza is cooked at a scorching hot temperature of 485°C for ninety seconds, rotated continuously by the pizzaiolo (pizza maker). Topped with the basics of a tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella, the base is soft and thin.  

Pizza Siciliana, Sicily 

Pizza Siciliana
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Similar in toppings to Naples’ mainstay, pizza Siciliana (or sfincione) is made with a foccacia-like base. Sicilians adore the fluffy dough that is shaped in a circle or rectangle. Instead of buffalo mozzarella, sfincione features goat or cow milk cheeses, anchovies and breadcrumbs (to help soak up some of the oil). You’ll find it in bakeries (rather than pizzerias) as it’s preferred as a snack. 

Pizza all’Andrea, Liguria 

Pizza all'Andrea, Liguria
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Pizza all’Andrea is a traditional pizza hailing from the Liguria region. According to legend, the Genovese Admiral Andrea Doria invented this style of pizza when he was around from the mid-1400s – mid-1500s. The thick, spongey base is topped with local favourites like olives, sardines and anchovies.  

Pizza al taglio, Rome 

Pizza al taglio, Rome
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Loosely translated to mean ‘by the cut’, we’re sure you can imagine how this type of pizza is served! Perfect for an on-the-go snack or meal, pizza al taglio is baked in a large rectangular sheet pan which makes for easy slices when cut. While we do love a good selection of toppings, keep in mind that pizza al taglio is sold by weight! It’s a common street food in Rome however you will come across this pizza in other Italian cities, too. 

Pizza fritta, Naples 

Pizza fritta, Naples
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Another Napoli specialty, pizza fritta may look humble but tastes incredible. Simple ingredients like ricotta and salami are folded into a dough ‘pocket’ and deep fried. End result: a piping-hot, crispy, carb-y delight! Pizza fritta is a must-try when in Naples but we would recommend keeping an eye out for its sister-pizza, panzerotti, which hails from Puglia. 

Pizza al Padellino, Torino 

Pizza al padellino, Torino
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If you think of Chicago’s deep dish pizzas, then pizza al padellino is Italy’s version. As the name suggests, ‘pan pizza’ is baked in a small, round pan. Found in the heart of Torino, the crust comes out a beautiful brown on top yet is soft and thick on the inside. We love that pizza al padellino can have a variety of ingredients so take your pick! 

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