Saying hello to adventure doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your healthy habits and restorative rituals. From our exclusive Avalon Fresh menu to exciting Active excursions, Avalon makes it easy to continue staying healthy while on holiday…there’s no need to start a post-holiday diet upon your return with these wellness initiatives onboard Avalon Waterways.  

Avalon Fresh menu 

Dinner meal
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We all know that food plays a big part in your holiday; indulging in new flavours woven into the local cuisine…but sometimes it can become a little too overindulgent. Introducing our exclusive Avalon Fresh menu. This menu was designed in collaboration with Austrian chefs Leo and Karl Wrenkh, leaders in the healthy dining movement. Using only the freshest ingredients from local farms and suppliers, take your pick from breakfast smoothies and menu options that are low sodium, low carbohydrate, vegetable-heavy and/or high protein. There is something available at every meal so keep an eye out for the Avalon Fresh symbol on our menus.  

Fitness Centre 

Head to the Indigo deck of your Suite Ship to find the Fitness Centre. Fitted out with several gym machines, weights and yoga mats, it is available for you to use at any time if you wish to build up a sweat in your down time.  

Panorama Bistro 

Panorama Bistro meals
A selection of menu items at the Panorama Bistro – tri-coloured gnocchi and steak

If you feel like you want to have a lighter meal in a more informal setting than the Dining Room, join us in the Panorama Bistro for lunch or dinner. Designed to be more like a tasting menu, a variety of food is served in smaller portions so you can pick and choose whatever takes your fancy. 

Adventure Centre 

Biking excursion
A biking excursion with Andrezito, one of Avalon’s Adventure Hosts in France
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Did you know that every Avalon ship has an Adventure Centre? A popular wellness initiative, this is located in the lobby of each ship. Get chatting with your Adventure Host to find out the best way to choose your adventure in port, and take advantage of borrowing items like FitBit trackers, stretch bands, yoga mats, maps, and Nordic walking sticks.  

Stay hydrated 

Discovering a new destination is thirsty work! Head to the Club Lounge to stay hydrated with our BeWell water station, complete with filtered, sparkling and vitamin-infused options. If you didn’t bring a water bottle onboard, Avalon’s Reception team will lend you a reusable one for your time onboard. 

Active excursions 

Kayaking at the Pont du Gard
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For a unique way to discover the port you’re in, make sure to check out the available, included Active excursions. There are usually several available throughout your cruise; even more when you choose an Active & Discovery river cruise when they are offered daily! From kayaking through the Gorges de l’Ardeche, cycling through the Wachau Valley, hiking to a hillside castle, or a power walk through a charming town, you won’t regret the chance to stay active while exploring a new destination. 

Cyclists rejoice 

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For those who are bike enthusiasts, you’ll be pleased to know that every Avalon ship is equipped with complimentary bicycles and e-bikes for scenic land cruising and in-town adventures – so you won’t miss a beat from your usual routine at home! 

Kickstart your day 

Yoga in Panorama Lounge
The Panorama Lounge set up for morning yoga on a grey day

There’s nothing quite like getting your heart rate pumping first thing in the morning. Your Adventure Host will offer early morning activities for you, from yoga on the Sky Deck, power walks or even an easy jog. The best part? Taking in the early morning, peaceful views from the Sky Deck, or walking through and watching a sleepy city come to life – it’s simply magical.  

Soak away 

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Don’t miss the whirlpool, conveniently located on the Sky Deck so you can soak away in the therapeutic bubbles whilst taking in the views. A perfect way to relax after a busy day!  

Wellness initiatives onboard Avalon are so important to keeping our guests’ happiness at the forefront of everything we do. Join us to experience them for yourself by taking a look at the range of Avalon Waterways river cruises today.  

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