As soon as someone mentions ‘Europe’ and ‘river’, most people instantly think of the Danube River. It has been immortalised in Johann Strauss II’s The Blue Danube Waltz, featured in many films, and is a historically important European river. The Danube flows through ten extraordinary countries, inviting you to explore ancient ports from Germany to Bulgaria.  

8 countries, 5 capital cities, 1 cruise 

Bratislava, Slovakia
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Add five capital cities to your ‘been there, done that’ list, ticking off Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade and Vienna. This 18-day journey takes you on an adventure through Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. From the Black Sea, an important transportation link between Eastern Europe and the rest of the world, all the way to Germany, you will treasure the time spent along this stretch of the Danube. 

Discover The Danube from the Black Sea to Germany.  

5 countries, 3 rivers, 2 weeks 

Nuremberg, Germany
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On this 16-day Enchanted Europe river cruise, enchanted doesn’t even begin to cover it! It covers Switzerland to France on the Rhine, a short distance on the Main River and onwards to the Danube and Germany, Austria and Hungary. Highlights include Strasbourg and its charming Petite France area, discovering a mix of the German ‘bergs’ and ‘burgs’ towns like Nuremberg and Würzburg, and sailing through Austria’s Wachau Valley with its vineyard-clad hills.  

Uncover Enchanted Europe.  

5 countries, 9 days 

Bucharest, Romania
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Sail along the Danube in relaxed luxury to experience the unique Balkans over 9 days with Avalon. The Balkans have centuries of history and culture woven into this area. While it has never been a particularly wealthy part of Europe, it sits in prime position as the gateway between East and West. After the Ottoman Empire dissolved, control of the region was highly contested and unstable which eventually led to World War I. The Balkans have always been a melting pot of cultures with plenty of diversity in terms of its architecture, local specialties, and nationalities.  

Experience a Balkan Discovery

Ten extraordinary countries and one iconic river – what more could you ask for from the Danube? Take a look at Avalon’s full range of Danube river cruises.  


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