Onboard Avalon Waterways’ fleet of Suite Ships, the happiness of our guests is an essential part of every journey – and our team takes that very seriously! We have our a 3:1 guest-to-crew ratio down to a science. Knowing the right amount of anticipation, the right amount of attention and the right amount of space to give each guest is an art. Let’s introduce you to the “you” crew –  

The Director of Discovery 

Avalon Cruise Director greeting passengers

The ship’s Captain may be at the helm of your vessel, but your Avalon Cruise Director is at the heart of it all. Worldly, insightful and infinitely helpful, each and every one of our Cruise Directors is top notch! 

The Ambassador of Fun 

Bike ride

Whether you want to cruise around town on a bicycle, kayak down the river, hike to a hillside vineyard or anchor yourself under a shady tree, your Adventure Host will help you make it happen. 

The Martini Makers and Mind Readers 

Cocktail bar

On every Avalon ship, your crew is more than industrious. They’re intuitive, making note of your penchants and preferences, anticipating every need for a personalised journey.  

Avalon also pride themselves on these three small touches that make a big splash during your time onboard.

Man pouring wine

No white gloves 

While we believe in the relentless pursuit of perfection, we’re into pampering without the pomp and circumstance in order deliver relaxed luxury at its finest. 

The crew gives the tips 

Your entire crew is a well-travelled group with a curious spirit much like your own. They delight in sharing their favourite local experiences and hidden gems you might not find on your own. 

We are family 

To deliver the level of service we aspire to, we work together efficiently and respectfully. We are a tight knit group, just like family…and when you cruise with us, you become part of our Avalon family too! 

We would love to have you join us onboard a river cruise with Avalon Waterways! Click here to visit our website. 

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