Whilst sitting at almost a 90-degree angle to each other, the Rhine and Seine rivers flow through some of Europe’s mightiest countries. The Seine makes its way through northern France, beginning near Dijon and ending at Le Havre; while the Rhine has its home in (primarily) Germany with a spot of Switzerland and the Netherlands thrown in there for good measure. With picturesque scenery along their riverbanks, they have inspired many people over the decades – from artists, to singers, and authors…so it only makes sense that we have included two Active & Discovery cruises on these rivers in our new Storyteller Series sailings!  

Choose to sail the storied Seine River with Candace Bushnell, or settle in for some Sweet Tunes on a Suite Sailing with Edwin McCain. Keep reading to find out more about some spectacular ports, towns, and villages you’ll be able to explore for a ‘once upon a river’ experience like no other!  

Sex & the City of Lights 

Calling all Carries, Samanthas, Charlottes and Mirandas…you’re invited to sail the Seine River from Paris to Le Havre with stylish storyteller Candace Bushnell.  

Candace Bushnell

“One of the great pleasures of life is the setting, and what better backdrop to enjoy art, history, food and camaraderie than a river cruise on the Seine, a magical waterway that’s mesmerized and inspired since medieval times. This Avalon Active and Discovery Cruise will allow you to flow between the centuries without leaving the comforts of the present. Can’t wait to take this journey with you.” 

– Candace Bushnell 

Discover Chantilly

Chantilly Castle, France
Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash

For the foodie-lovers, it’s time to get stuck in and learn how to prepare the classic Chantilly cream…and what better place to learn than at the Chantilly Castle? Discover the history behind the famous cream and all the variations – from sweet and fragrant, to salty and colourful. Your tastebuds will thank you for this one later! 

Put your foot to the pedal 

Le Havre

Found in the Normandy region, Le Havre is a stunning city to spend some time in. Its central city was named a World Heritage Site in 2005 so we thought it best to explore the city at a fun pace – by bike! Don’t miss the Saint-François district, one of Le Havre’s oldest districts. There’s so much to see and do here – take a street side seat in one of its many cafes for une café, or spot some of the oldest residences in the city.  

Explore charming Rouen

Photo by @ed.lfx on Instagram

As the capital of the Normandy region, Rouen has a rich and fascinating history. Perhaps most famous for Joan of Arc, burnt to death in 1431 for her military crusade against the English. Relive this piece of history (and more!) on a guided walking tour through what used to be one of Europe’s most prosperous cities, then you may wish to continue on your own to see what else you can uncover.  

I’ll be…romancing the Rhine 

Can you imagine anything better than sailing the romantic Rhine River with “great American romantic,” Edwin McCain?  

Edwin McCain

“As a history lover I am very excited to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience. My favourite shows I play are the most intimate ones. This cruise is going to provide such a great setting. Really looking forward to sharing an incredible trip with you all”. 

– Edwin McCain 

Lace up your running shoes

Cologne, Germany
Photo by Ramin Karbassi on Unsplash

While its cathedral is its most famous landmark, there is still so much more to explore in the city of Cologne! That’s why we’re lacing up our running shoes and taking you to the streets on a guided jogging tour. Not only will you get your blood pumping, but you’ll also be in for a unique view of Cologne’s history and beauty.  

Tempt your taste buds

Halve hahn
Photo by @diejungskochenundbacke on Instagram

Düsseldorf is a major player on the food scene in Germany, with a range of diverse food and drink to suit even the fussiest eater. Its traditional dishes are the ones you’re here for though, so join us on a guided culinary tour through the Old Town. You might try halve hahn (rye bread with butter and Mainz cheese), a westfälischer pickert (potato pancake served with sugar, butter and marmalade), or rinderwurst (a stew made with beef sausage, vegetables and barley) – yum! 

See Koblenz from the top

Photo by Frank Eiffert on Unsplash

Koblenz lies at the junction of the Rhine and Moselle rivers, hence its Roman name, Confluentes. Our knowledgeable Local Guide will showcase the best of Koblenz on a leisurely walking tour, followed by a cable car ride to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress for the best panoramic view across the city and rivers!  

The Active & Discovery on the Rhine Storyteller sailing departs 3 May 2022 with Edwin McCain; and the Active & Discovery on the Seine Storyteller sailing departs 19 July 2022 with Candace Bushnell.

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