Ready to experience the untouched and adventure more? The untamed landscapes of South America may help to heed the call with lands that have been fairly untouched, leaving behind a nature lovers’ oasis. Avalon offers several exotic river cruises that unearth South America’s incredible nature: sail through the Peruvian Amazon or Ecuador and its Galápagos Islands.  

Nature highlights in the Galápagos Islands 

Due to little human and predator contact, the nature and wildlife have flourished in the Galápagos Islands. The archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is called home by many animal and plant species that are not found anywhere else in the world! 

San Cristóbal Island 

San Cristóbal Island is the oldest (geographically) of all the islands and is where you will be able to spot a selection of birds, unique only to San Cristóbal, with your expert Naturalist Guide who travels with you. Avalon have also included a visit to the Cerro Colorado Tortoise Reserve so you can learn about their conservation efforts to preserve the island’s endangered giant tortoise population.  

Gardner Bay 

Head to Española Island and the white coral shores of Gardner Bay. Here you can spot Galápagos sea lions, marine iguanas, seabirds and hawks from the shore; or you may prefer to dive into the pristine waters to snorkel to see reef fish, reef sharks and Pacific green turtles!  

Floreana Island 

A highlight of your time with Avalon is being able to get up close and personal with sea lions in the waters off Floreana Island! Once you’ve dried off from swimming with them, join your Naturalist Guide for an easy hike to Cormorant Point. Along the way keep your eyes peeled for flamingos, blue-footed boobies and sea turtles. 

Santa Fe Island 

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Galápagos Islands without visiting the nesting grounds of some of the area’s most famous animals. The Pacific green turtle, marine iguana and the giant Galápagos tortoise spend their nesting time here on Santa Fe Island, a must-visit when in South America.  

Dive into (literally!) the Galápagos Island with Avalon

Nature highlights in the Peruvian Amazon 

The Peruvian Amazon is a massive highlight in itself when cruising down this iconic river. With a wide variety of biodiversity, this part of South America attracts avid photographers, bird watchers and nature lovers from all around the globe.  

Your expert Naturalist will ensure you don’t miss a minute of the extraordinary nature found here! They will cover a lot of ground with you, like embarking on a panga ride down one of the Amazon’s tributaries to search for sloths, freshwater pink dolphins, the giant Amazonian water lily and species of monkey like the capuchin and howler!  

To see birdlife like you’ve never seen before, Avalon includes an excursion to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve where you will see exotic South America birds like trogons, macaws, falcons…the list goes on!  

The Amazonian rainforest is also home to many tropical flora. Marvel at beautiful orchids, epiphytes and indigenous jungle vegetation that thrive under the lush canopy.  

While there is plenty to see and do outside of your ship, Avalon includes some onboard activities to further enhance your time in South America. Pull up a chair for a fascinating nature presentation about indigenous and medicinal plants, fruits and vegetation used in Amazonian culture; or roll up your sleeves to get cooking with native fruit, vegetables and fish and enjoy your hard-earned food afterwards!  

Explore the Peruvian Amazon with Avalon

Join Avalon to unearth South America’s incredible nature on a cruise through the Galápagos Islands or Peruvian Amazon! 

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