Often surrounded with an air of mystery and intrigue, Egypt and the Nile River are certainly places to be added to your travel bucket list. Known for its ancient treasures and fascinating history, there is more to the country than meets the eye. Delight in a river cruise adventure through Egypt where you will explore on land and on water on a Nile River cruise for the ages. Here are our top four highlights for this 10-day Taste of Egypt holiday… 

1. Witness the Great Pyramids 

How could the Great Pyramids not rank as number one? Get up close and personal with one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the enigmatic Sphinx (guardian of the Great Pyramids), and the Great Pyramid of Giza itself. Cheops was built in the 26th century BC making it the oldest (and most intact) of the Seven Wonders. Named for the tomb of the pharaoh it houses, the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure for well over 3,800 years! 

2. Explore the Temple of Amun Re 

Found near Luxor, the Temple of Amun Re is one of four that makes up the greater Kamak Temple Complex. However, Amun Re is the largest and the only one open to the public for you to explore. While some of the complex is in ruins, taking the time to walk among the pillars and its famous Avenue of Sphinxes is an adventure that you will treasure forever. 

3. See double at Kom Ombo’s twin temples 

One of the many towns found along the Nile, Kom Ombo is home to a twin temple site. The right side is dedicated to the crocodile god, Sobek-Ra, while the left side is dedicated to the falcon god, Horus. It is perfectly symmetrical with twin entrances, two halls which feature carvings of the two gods, and twin sanctuaries. 

Crocodiles have played an extremely important role in Egypt’s history. They were cult animals of Sobek-Ra who often appeared in this animal’s form and made sure that the Nile was flooded each year which ensured a bountiful fruit harvest. When the crocodile finished its life, it was embalmed, wrapped in bandages and placed in a special tomb. In 1970, hundreds of crocodile mummies were found during excavations at the temple of Kom Ombo!  

4. Shop ‘til you drop at Khan el-Khalili 

Make your way to the heart of Cairo and you will find yourself in souk heaven! Attracting both travellers and locals alike, the open-air Khan el-Khalili is home to many Egyptian workshops that produce traditional crafts and souvenirs. You will also find antiques, jewellery, spices, coffee houses and street food stalls – so there is something for everyone!  

Join us and delight in a river cruise adventure through Egypt on our 10-day Taste of Egypt holiday. 

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