Have you already ticked off a river cruise in Europe? Or perhaps you’re after a river cruise in a more colourful destination? Avalon Waterways offers several cruises along famed rivers such as the Mekong, Nile and Amazon. It can prove tricky to plan so here’s how to choose which river to cruise on with Avalon’s Exotics collection.  

Mekong River 

Mekong Delta

From its source high up in the Tibetan Plateau, the Mekong River courses over 4,000 kilometres through Asia. It has provided an important lifeline for communities for centuries, and Avalon’s 7-night cruise showcases the true heart of these two destinations. From interacting with local school children in Angkor Ban to meeting a sampan (boat) builder in Cu Lao Gieng, you’ll explore where other travellers rarely go. The Avalon Saigon takes only 36 guests for an intimate experience. It is also the only ship that has been built to sail directly between Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City, saving you hours of land travel. If you want to venture further, there are several extension options – discover the temples of Angkor or indulge in the street food of Hanoi. 

Nile River 

Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx

Found in northeast Africa, the Nile is the longest river in the world. It stretches over 6,000 kilometres past ancient temples, tombs and villages from Lake Victoria to Egypt. Join us onboard the MS Farah and set sail in state-of-the-art comfort while exploring the mysterious sights of Egypt. Visit the sacred Temple of Isis in Aswan; learn about the cliffside crypts in the Valley of the Kings and Queens where generations of pharaohs and nobles have been buried; and stand at the foot of the magnificent Great Pyramid of Giza. All this, and more, is waiting for you on this Nile River cruise. 

Amazon River 


The Delfin III is your home away from home when you explore the Amazon River and its surrounds with Avalon. It provides the perfect base from which to discover the epic range of biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest, with the Amazon Basin itself spanning an area larger than Western Europe! With just 44 guests onboard, fine wine and regionally inspired cuisine, this is an unforgettable adventure. Travel to Iquitos, a remote Peruvian city that can only be reached by air or water; join your Naturalist Guide to search for monkeys, sloths and caimans in the Amazon Basin; and visit the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, teeming with plant and wildlife over a gargantuan five million acres.  

Avalon ensures that its guests can explore the waterways of the world by including touch points in these fascinating countries. Take a look at the full range of Avalon Waterways cruises in Asia, South America and Africa

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