One part gin. Two parts joy. Stir together to create a cocktail that matches the vibe on our ships – happy! We take our onboard cocktail selection very seriously; so seriously, in fact, that we have worked alongside Martin Hudák, a world-famous mixologist.  

Martin Hudak

Hudák hails from Slovakia and has shaken and stirred his way through over 50 countries, including Europe’s most coveted watering holes like London’s Savoy Hotel. He has also added champion titles from numerous international cocktail competitions to his accolades. A man of many talents, Hudák is a globally recognised author and entrepreneur, founding the Ginger Mania microbrewery and Sydney’s famous Maybe Sammy cocktail bar.  

In 2019, we partnered with Hudák to create a collection of signature cocktails and mocktails that are served exclusively on our Avalon fleet. Join us to toast to your adventures while cruising and feel free-spirited with Avalon Waterways. Check out two of Hudák’s drinks below, one cocktail and one mocktail. 

Ride My Bicycle 


A few sips of this one-of-a-kind Avalon cocktail and you’ll feel the wind on your face and the breeze at your back. No pedalling required! 

  • 25ml Beefeater gin 
  • 25ml St Germain liquor 
  • 25ml Monin orgeat (almond syrup) 
  • 25ml fresh lemon juice 
  • 1 tablespoon pernod 

Shake ingredients together, serve in a coupette glass and garnish with a lemon coin and raw almond flake. 

Fleur de Vie  


A refreshing mocktail, enjoy all the flavours with none of the alcohol. You’ll instantly feel transported to the banks of the Seine, rejuvenated with a new outlook on life or fleur de vie.  

  • 60ml cranberry juice 
  • 30ml Monin Rose syrup 
  • 60ml non-alcoholic white wine 

Stir together, serve in a coupette glass and garnish with an orange coin.  

Take a look at our full range of river cruises with Avalon Waterways today. 

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