There’s river cruising, and then there’s river cruising. Avalon Waterways are dedicated to constantly pushing the boundaries to create experiences and memories that their travellers will treasure for a lifetime. This is why we’ve introduced our Avalon Active & Discovery river cruises. These cruises are designed with a broad menu of included excursions ranging from energetic experiences to interactive discoveries, meaning you can pick and choose based on your personal preferences!  

Previously, we have looked at six Active excursions designed for the active relaxer; but today, we would like to showcase five Discovery excursions that will elevate your river cruise to the next level. 

1. Dive into the food scene of Belgrade 

Cevapcici, Serbia
Photo by @foodetc on Instagram

There’s no better way to discover Serbian culture than through its food! Take a walk into Belgrade while tasting different specialties of the region along the way. Found at the crossroads where east meets west, Serbian food has been deeply influenced by different cultures. Not only will your tastebuds get a workout but your local guide will educate you on Belgrade’s history, too. You may get the chance to try specialties like punjene paprike (stuffed peppers with meat and rice), gibanica (a soul-warming cheese filo pie), or Ćevapčići (grilled mince meat sausages eaten on their own or stuffed in flatbread). 

Experience this on our Active & Discovery on the Lower Danube cruise. 

2. Step back in time in Arnhem 

Bronbeek Museum, Arnhem
Photo by @raytenbarge on Instagram

Arnhem, Holland was once a key WWII operations site, and is now home to impressive historical monuments and memorials. Your local guide will retell fascinating stories from the city’s rich past, bringing history back to life. Round off your Discovery excursion with a visit to a medieval castle where you’ll have a chance to test your green thumb with a regional herb and vegetable tasting! 

Experience this on our Active & Discovery on the Rhine cruise. 

3. Let your creative side run wild in Arles 

Painting class
Photo by @travlin_girl on Instagram

Wander through Arles to a hands-on painting workshop where you will learn some of the techniques that Vincent van Gogh brought to his very own works of art. Apply your own twist to create a painting in van Gogh’s style, assisted by a vibrant palette of colours.  

Experience this on our Active & Discovery on the Rhône cruise. 

4. Dive into a sea of flowers in Amsterdam 

Hydrangea paniculata grown in the Floriade Expo’s arboretum.
Photo by @floriadeexpo2022 on Instagram

Have you heard of the Floriade Expo, the Netherlands’ international horticultural show? Revolving entirely around growing greener cities, floriade comes from the Latin word ‘floriat’, meaning to design with flowers. This educational flower and gardening extravaganza is a once-in-a-lifetime experience held only every 10 years (with one in 2022).  

Experience this on our Active & Discovery in Holland & Belgium cruise. 

5. Go behind-the-scenes in Vienna 

Photo by @mlg.mike on Instagram

Join us on an Insider’s Tour of Vienna, the ultimate way to elevate your time in this beautiful city. You’ll go behind-the-scenes of the city’s main sights and attractions to meet locals and prepare some local delicacies, along with some added surprises along the way!  

Experience this on our Active & Discovery on the Danube cruise. 

If you really want to elevate your river cruise experience, then an Active & Discovery river cruise with Avalon is the way to holiday! Take a look at our full range here

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