Dive into local customs, cuisine and landmarks on this thrilling Active & Discovery river cruise that takes you through Germany, Austria and Hungary. Each day you’ll have the chance to choose from a menu of Active, Discovery or Classic excursions – all included in your cruise price. If you’re looking for your next adventure, experience the Danube like never before on this river cruise. 

Danube Bend canoe adventure 

Type of excursion: Active 

Danube Bend
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This exhilarating canoe excursion takes you through the picturesque Danube Bend area. You’ll bear witness to a truly unique perspective of one of the river’s most beautiful stretches. This stretch of river gets its name from how the rolling hills have formed, and this in turn has caused the Danube to flow around a bend. Found just north of Budapest, this area is also home to some of Hungary’s most charming towns like Visegrád. 

Medieval Knights Tournament 

Type of excursion: Discovery 

Medieval knights tournament

Step into the Middle Ages on this action-packed Discovery excursion to a medieval Knights Tournament. Drummers drum, trumpeters blast their royal fanfares, and knights in shining armour demonstrate their combat skills with authentic medieval weapons. Held at the lofty Visegrád Castle overlooking the Danube, you can even try your hand at these combat skills – like archery.  

VIP access to the Vienna Museum of Fine Arts 

Type of excursion: Classic  

Vienna Fine Arts Museum
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The early bird certainly gets the worm with this Classic excursion, especially if you’re an art aficionado. Enjoy special VIP access to Vienna’s Museum of Fine Arts during this exclusive early entrance for Avalon guests. Known as the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, its iconic octagonal dome is well-recognised along the Ringstrasse, the city’s main road. Not only will you be wowed by the grand exterior and interior architecture, but you’ll also have a guided tour of the Habsburg family’s private art collection, and Italian and Dutch master works. 

Austria on two wheels 

Type of excursion: Active 

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Every Avalon Suite Ship carries bikes available for use on excursions like this, as well as in your own free time. For this Active excursion, your Adventure Host will take you on a bike ride through the Wachau Valley from Krems to Spitz. The quaint town of Dürnstein is found along the way, perfectly situated for a rest stop on the banks of the Danube. Dürnstein is famous for its vivid blue Stiftskirche (tower), the hillside ruins where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned for one year, and its colourful homes. You may be hungry after all your cycling but we have organised some local specialties for you to refuel. This region of Austria is a strong producer of apricots, honey, Rieslings, and potato dumplings.  

Mauthausen Memorial 

Type of excursion: Classic 

Mauthausen Concentration Camp
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The Mauthausen Concentration Camp is notorious for being one of World War II’s largest and most brutal Nazi work camp complexes. Over seven years, it is estimated that approximately 190,000 people were prisoners here with at least 90,000 murdered. Today, the Mauthausen Memorial is a place of memory and education. While an extremely sobering excursion, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of a terrible time in history.  

Experience the Danube like never before on this river cruise. If you’ve already cruised along the Danube, why not look at our full range of Active & Discovery cruises here

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