Bonjour to Bordeaux, our newest destination visited with Avalon Waterways! This captivating cruise along the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers illustrates one of France’s most exquisite regions. So, why should you set sail on this Bonjour Bordeaux: Châteaux, Wineries & Charming Villages river cruise with us? Here are four reasons for you to consider.  

1. Perfect for the wine lovers 

Wine in Bordeaux

With close to 6,000 wineries and over 270,000 acres of vineyards, Bordeaux has been a thriving wine producing region for almost 2,000 years. While red wine is the key playmaker here, you will also find several crisp white varieties. This Bonjour Bordeaux river cruise includes plenty of wine tastings in some unique locations, like a historic château.  

2. It’s also suited for those who are not wine lovers 

Arcachon, France
Photo by pl.cent on Instagram

While the Bordeaux region is primarily known for its wines and vineyards, Avalon Waterways have included a wide range of our signature Classic, Active and Discovery experiences. This puts you in the captain’s seat to choose how you capture the essence of Bordeaux – whether it be through its art, history or cuisine. Savour local oysters in the seaside resort town of Arcachon; walk in the footsteps of Montesquieu at Château de la Brede, birthplace of this political philosopher and author of ‘The Spirit of Law’; or wind your way through the picturesque countryside on an e-bike tour.  

3. The scenery 

Dordogne River

Travellers from all around the world flock to the Dordogne and Garonne areas for their breath taking landscapes. In particular, the Dordogne Valley that the river runs through is filled with rolling hills, rugged cliff faces, lush forests and picture-perfect villages. Avalon has included an afternoon sailing on the Dordogne River from Blaye to Bourg. So, make yourself a cuppa or order a glass of wine, sit back, relax and watch the world pass you by. Whether this is from the comfort of your Panorama Suite or the breezy Sky Deck, the views are second to none onboard your Suite Ship.  

4. Medieval villages await 

Saint Emilion
Saint-Émilion village

The Bordeaux region is home to some of France’s quaintest medieval villages. Take the village of Saint-Émilion for example. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the village is carved out of a limestone hill, so magnificent views are part and parcel of your exploration here. Saint-Émilion is famous for its gargantuan monolithic church (carved out of a single block of stone in the 12th century and is partially underground); the Cordeliers Cloister, deserted but tranquil and sitting on a goldmine of Cremant de Bordeaux, a local sparkling wine; and being the original birthplace of the quintessentially French macaron.  

The Bordeaux region is full of unforgettable treasures, and Avalon Waterways provides the perfect way to delve into them. Take a look at our range of river cruises on the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers today. 

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