As consumers, we’re used to seeing huge sales year-round, often attached to every hallmark holiday, however there is one type of purchase which is best made in advance and that’s travel! On top of securing some of the best deals on offer there are many advantages to booking early, saving you time, money and assuring you of peace of mind. 

The Earlybird Gets The…Best Deals 

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It’s an obvious one but for good reason. Booking early guarantees you some of the best prices on offer. It’s common knowledge that the price of flights and accommodation fluctuate according to demand so it’s definitely a good idea to secure your bookings in advance to avoid the stress of planning and trying to lock something in much closer to departure. If you’re travelling during peak season and have a particular airline, stopover destination, or special experience you’d like to take, booking in advance assures you of that preference and avoids that heart wrenching disappointment. 

Get The Pick Of The Crop 

Travel planning
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Often when choosing the right itinerary, there is a criteria to meet. Is it within my budget? Does it suit my travel style? Will it tick off all the sights I want to explore? And most importantly, does it suit my existing plans? With a plethora of travel brands and itineraries to choose from, sometimes it’s a case of which itinerary slots within your travel plans the most efficiently. It’s usually perfectly suited to where you’re visiting family and friends, or it’s a nice and easy connection as you’re coming off your ocean cruise. When booking in advance you have the pick of the crop with a huge range of newly launched cruises, packages and dates available to you. 

Choice OCabin Types 

Avalon Passion Panorama Suite
Avalon Waterways’ Panorama Suite

If you’ve ever taken a river or ocean cruise before, you’d be familiar with all the different types of cabin types available. Depending on the size of the ships, the range of choice can be mind boggling! If you’re after a particular type of cabin, sometimes limited to just a handful per vessel, it’s recommended to book in advance to secure your favoured suite or cabin type.   

Planning Pays Off 

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Setting your itinerary in motion in advance frees you of so much stress and gives you the opportunity to further enhance your holiday when you know exactly how much free time you have each given day. Whether you’re a forward planner or not, there’s nothing greater than having that special holiday to look forward to, then that big sigh of relief when you finally reach your destination. That’s when the real fun begins! 

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When you come to booking, rest assured that Avalon Waterways has you covered.  

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Our Global Health & Safety team has established a worldwide Assurance program with enhanced on-trip protocols and procedures to ensure the health and happiness of our guests. 

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