Despite being small countries, Holland and Belgium are both bursting at the seams with a unique history, fascinating culture and some stunning scenery. Holland is famous for its charming canals and world-renowned museums. While Amsterdam is the country’s mainstay, smaller cities like Rotterdam are still gems in their own right. Just south of Holland is Belgium, where you’ll find breath taking architecture and centuries-old history.  

Being so close to each other, why not visit both countries on the same holiday? Introducing our Active & Discovery in Holland & Belgium river cruise: an opportunity to explore in more ways than ever! You’ll embark on a round trip from Amsterdam, with visits to some incredibly special cities and Active, Discovery and Classic excursions included at each stop. 

Middelburg, Holland  

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Discovery: If you love oysters, this excursion is for you! Visit a local, family-owned oyster farm who have been operating since 1906. Learn about how they cultivate their farm followed by a delicious tasting of oysters and lobster, paired with a glass of wine. 

Classic: Dive straight into Middelburg’s history on a guided walking tour. It’s a beautiful city with its winding cobblestone streets and canals, and historic landmarks like the Gothic Town Hall.  

Ghent, Belgium 

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Active: On ya bike! Put your foot to the pedal on a guided mountain bike tour through some of Ghent’s lesser known (but equally incredible) sights, found on the outskirts of the city. 

Classic: Marvel at the medieval Flemish wealth with your Local Guide on a sightseeing tour. Some Ghent icons to keep an eye out for are the picturesque St Michael’s Bridge, the old Korenmarkt (Wheat Market) and beautiful St Bavo’s Cathedral.  

Brussels, Belgium 

Just one of the many amazing chocolate shops in Brussels.
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Active: Another opportunity to whiz through a city on a bike, all while learning about Brussels’ history and culture. 

Discovery: If you have a sweet tooth, we guarantee you’ll love this Belgian chocolate-making workshop. It’s a known fact that Belgium produces some of the best chocolate in the world! 

Antwerp, Belgium 

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Discovery: The emigration of millions of locals from a village near Antwerp to America plays a big part in Antwerp’s history. Visit the Red Line Star Museum to learn all about their journey.  

Classic: With its 16th-century guildhall houses, intricate cathedral and cobblestone streets, there’s something to be found around every corner on this classic sightseeing tour through Antwerp. 

Rotterdam, Holland 

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Active: For the architecture-lovers, Rotterdam presents a multitude of fascinating landmarks. Hop on a bike, all the better to see and admire them all! 

Discovery: Learn from a professional painter on how to paint your very own Delft tile – the famous blue tiles that have been produced from this area since the 1600’s – a special memento for you to take home. 

Amsterdam, Holland 


Active: See how the locals live on a biking tour through the countryside and their quaint villages, an educational experience for all. 

Classic: Sit back and relax on a canal cruise that explores the waterways and sites of Amsterdam. This provides the perfect way to acquaint yourself with the city.  

These are just some of the included cities and excursions included on the Active & Discovery in Holland & Belgium river cruise. Click here for the full itinerary or take a look at our full range of Active & Discovery river cruises. 

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