Europe is world-renowned for its annual Christmas markets. Each city puts their own unique spin on their market, from the traditional souvenirs to food that is on offer. Being winter and cold, it’s vital to line your stomach with delicious food and drink to keep you warm as you explore the stalls. With so many to choose from, this is five of the best treats to try at European Christmas markets. 

1. Strasbourg 

Strasbourg’s location in the Alsace region, on the cusp of both Germany and France, opens its cuisine up to double the deliciousness – especially at Christmas time! We bet that you can’t walk past a stall selling tarte flambée with its smell drawing you in. Basically the French answer to pizza, the crisp dough is topped with crème fraiche, bacon, Emmental cheese and onions – bon appetit!  

2. Nuremberg 

Being one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany, it comes as no surprise that Nuremberg has a wide variety of Christmas treats for you to try. Nuremberg is famous for its bratwurst but keep an eye out for the Christmas special of rostbratwurst. Smaller than the regular bratwurst, they are cooked on an open beechwood fire and served three to a roll.  

3. Frankfurt 

Held in the heart of its Old Town, Frankfurt’s Christmas market is one of the largest. While there are many types of traditional Christmas cookies, make sure you try the ones that are unique to Frankfurt like bethmannchen and brenton which are both marzipan-based treats.  

4. Vienna 

As the home of the schnitzel and sachertorte, you would be right to have high expectations for the Christmas treats on offer in Vienna! Start your gastronomy tour of its Christmas markets with raclette (hot melted cheese poured over fresh bread) and käsekrainer (a sausage stuffed with local cheese), before moving onto dessert with lebkuchen (gingerbread biscuits) and a hot mug of glühwein (mulled wine). You will leave the market truly satisfied! 

5. Prague 

The fairy tale city of Prague comes alive in winter, with the addition of its various Christmas markets creating a magical atmosphere. Keep your hands warm by wrapping them around a trdelník (a rolled pastry covered with sugar, cinnamon and crushed nuts), vanocka (a traditional Czech Christmas braided cake) or by trying some traditional spit-roasted ham.  

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