Even before the coronavirus lockdown, one of our favourite pastimes is scrolling through old photos to relive cherished holiday memories. But, what we love even more is the old-fashioned method of swiping – turning a physical page! All this extra time on our hands is perfect for finally putting those old travel photos together into an album, book, scrapbook or whatever you may fancy. To help you turn those scroll-happy snaps into page-turning treasures, we’ve listed a few tips below to help you create the perfect travel photo album.

Tell a Story

Whether you’re putting your photos together in an album, book or scrapbook, be mindful of your reason for making this – it’ll give your photo project some direction. Order your photos and pages chronologically and take someone through your itinerary as you experienced it. This will also be important if you want to include commentary along with your images and will help give your travel journey story flow so that it makes sense to others that weren’t there.

Photo Exchange!

Before you start editing and organising your photos, make sure you exchange pictures with your travel buddies! They might have a similar shot that you have that turned out better or have pictures of yourself that you might like to include.

Collect memorabilia

Don’t throw away your tickets – boarding passes, theatre tickets, attraction passes, postcards etc! Rather, as you travel, keep these in a small envelope, so that you can include them in your photo creation when you return home! If you’re using a digital tool to help make a travel book, scan your tickets onto the platform.

Edit and Sort

Sort through your images and decide which ones you’d like to include in your creation! Once you’ve chosen your images, you may want to edit them a little. You can use the editing tool on your computer, or use a program like Lightroom or Photoshop. 

Put your masterpiece together!

If using an online tool to help put your travel story together, don’t be afraid of using professionally designed templates. These have been made by graphic designers to consider technical things like size, proportion and spacing to give your book a more professional look.

If you’re putting your travel story together yourself, some helpful design tips include:

  • Be consistent with a colour scheme: Similar colours look really great when grouped together!
  • Maintain your font selection: Choose a couple of fonts and use them consistently.


When you’ve finished putting all of your images and memorabilia together, you’ll have a great little memento to fondly flip through and remember your past trips!

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