Stuck inside with more spare time than toilet paper? For the avid travellers amongst us, being cooped up inside due to the coronavirus lockdown (with no real end in sight)  has left us with the itchiest of feet! 

As we’re all very well aware, looking after our mental health (especially during these unprecedented times) is now more important than ever. While it may sound silly, a great way to strengthen your mental wellbeing and distract yourself from current global happenings is to dream of better things; dream up and plan your next holiday – we’ll all need one when this is over!

For me, the dreaming and planning stage of travel is one of my favourite steps in the process. In fact, I find the planning of a trip almost just as exciting as the trip itself – I’m a sucker for anticipation! Not only that, having something planned always acts as a great motivator; it gives you something rewarding to work towards.

So, with all this extra time indoors, there’s never really been a more perfect time to get dreaming and planning! Make lists of all the places you’d love to visit over the next couple of years and prioritise them. Or, if you’re unsure of where you’d like to venture to next, make a game out of choosing – spin a globe blindfolded, throw a dart at a map, flick to a random page in an atlas – we’re always encouraging children to partake in these activities as it inspires big thinking, so why not get involved in activities like this as well?! If you’re still after some fuel for your travel dreams, you can also get some inspiration from films, books, podcasts, tv shows and much more! 

When you’re not busy dreaming and planning your next adventure, this down-time is also perfect for reflecting on the travels and experiences you’ve had thus far. And remembering how fortunate you’ve been to have had those experiences and how you can achieve something similar in the future.

While it may seem dire right now, there are positives to come from this. We can dream about what’s next and plan a future trip that holds meaning. No matter how big or small, make plans to travel again #WeWillTravelAgain.


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