With international borders still remaining closed during the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been looking at as many ways as possible to get our travel fix from home. If you’re ready to listen to stories that will mentally transport you across the globe and reignite your travel passions, these are the best wanderlust-inducing travel podcasts you need to listen to.

Women Who Travel

Developed through the popular Facebook Group of the same name, the Women Who Travel podcast (hosted by Conde Nast editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Casey) dissect the realities of travelling as a woman today, chat with women who are shaking things up within the travel industry and celebrate all of the reasons why we choose to travel.

America’s National Parks Podcast

If you consider yourself a nature or history buff, this is the podcast for you! The America’s National Parks Podcast is the perfect escape, as you learn all about the history, people and stories of America’s National Parks. From the tallest mountain peak in Denali to the Badwater Basin of Death Valley, there’s plenty of ground waiting to be uncovered.

Travel With Rick Steves

The perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea, a spot of gardening or simply relaxing in your favourite armchair, Travel With Rick Steves is essentially a talkback radio show about travel. You can expect each podcast episode to include interviews with guest experts about culture, travel and people, as well as audio tours and live recordings.

You Should Have Been There

You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a bar, chatting with old travel buddies when you listen to You Should Have Been There. An easy-listening podcast, you can expect to hear traveller tales, banter and opinions from travel correspondent Simon Calder and former BBC producer Mick Webb.

Jump With Travelling Jackie

Having run for over 5 years, the Jump With Travelling Jackie podcast covers all things life on the road, with a distinct focus on off-the-beaten-path travel and insider tips, as well as hidden gems across the globe. If you’re part of her online community, you can ask in-depth travel-related questions that she answers in the regular ‘ask Jackie’ sessions too.

When In Spain

Have you ever dreamed of what living in Spain would be like? In this podcast, When In Spain, former BBC journalist Paul Burge discusses what it’s like to live and work in Spain, as well as sharing plenty of practical tips for starting a life there too.

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

For a bit of a laugh, you can’t go past the Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet podcast. Presenters Alex and Christine Schiefer scour the internet for one-star reviews and read them out in dramatic tones. 

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