It’s been really difficult to keep calm and sit still as dates have started flying around for ‘the new normal’ and travel to resume. While international borders still aren’t open, we’re not wasting time on progressing our travels from dreams into plans. This extra time at home has resulted in an abundance of travel itineraries created, so in order to help us get that little bit closer to our dream holiday and prepared for interactions with locals, we’ve undertaken learning the language/s spoken at our next adventure destination! These are the best apps* we’ve found for helping us to learn a new language.


Pic by @babbel

Cost: First lesson of every course is free, then there are different subscription offers available.

Teaching you a new language in small, bite-sized lessons (10 – 15 minutes each), learning a language with Babbel is easy to fit into any busy schedule. Using the ‘spaced repetition’ method, you can expect to gain skills in reading, writing, grammar and speaking in likely scenarios.


Pic by @duolingo

Cost: Free, however can pay for Duolingo Plus (ads free) for $10 a month

Duolingo pride themselves on being the fun language learning platform. If you love to play games, you’ll enjoy learning with this app, as they’ve gamified how we learn. Putting emphasis on consistency, gamers/learners can accomplish daily streaks, earn points, gain virtual currency and compete with others on a global leaderboard.


Pic by @memrise

Cost: First level of every course is free, then subscriptions start at $8.99 a month

If you tend to be more of a visual learner, Memrise is the language learning app for you! Utilising a memory technique for a customised learning experience, Memrise also features videos of native speakers in their hometowns, so you can get a feel for accents and culture.


Pic by @busuu

Cost: Learn one language for free, or unlock all languages on a plans that start at $6 a month

If you need accountability and structure to learn best, Busuu has you covered! When you first sign up with Busuu, you select the language you’d like to learn and then fill in a small test that determines how advanced you are and why you want to learn the language. From there, you set a study goal and the app will create a study plan. Boasting the equivalent of a university session’s worth of language study, you’ll be speaking to a good standard in your new language in no time!


Pic by @language_drops

Cost: Free, however there is a Premium plan available for $10 a month

If your priority is honing in your vocab, Drops is here to help! The app consists of 5-minute word games that follow patterns to help with memorising. One of our favourite features on Drops is the free ‘Travel Talk’ program, where you’re taught phrases you’d likely use while traveling, such as ‘can I pay with credit card?’.

Rosetta Stone

Pic by @rosettastone

Cost: Free 3-day trials are available, then plans start from $6 a month

Founded in the early 90’s Rosetta Stone is quite possibly the most well known and original language-learning software. With a variety of lessons available, some of the most innovative include a speech recognition program to help you finetune your pronunciation, and the immersion program, where you are introduced to a new language without the help of your own.

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*Prices researched in 2020 so may have changed since being published.

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