Is there anything more dreamy than a holiday to some of the world’s greatest wine regions? Rolling fields of vines, world-class cuisine and romantic wine tastings, set against jaw-dropping backdrops. You can count us in!

Vineyards of South America


If South America’s crisp whites and complex red are your flavour, a trip through Argentina and Chile’s picturesque wine regions is the one for you!

Spend time in one of the world’s top wine growing regions, Mendoza. This region, which is nestled against the Andes Mountains accounts for nearly two-thirds of Argentina’s wine production. Primarily bottling Malbec and Cabernet, the complex flavours are enhanced by the cool temperatures the mountainous region experiences at night.

You’ll also want to visit Santa Cruz in Chile’s Colchagua Valley. Coined as the Napa Valley of Chile, this region is well-known for its Mediterranean-like climate, which aid in creating it’s fine, full-bodied reds.

Portugal in Depth


Many grape varieties, including Port and Vinho Verde are unique to Portugal. These variations have adapted to the climate of the country and rarely grow elsewhere; making wine-tasting in Portugal a very special experience!

Some key locations include Oporto and Viseu.

Sparkling Wines of Crimea


While most of the northern region of Russia is too cold for wine production, the southern regions have been making wine since the time of the early Greeks. The most famous variety being the sparkling wine of Crimea. Originally produced by Prince Lev Sergeyevich Golitsyn at the Novyi Svet (New World) winery, it won gold at the Paris Expedition in 1889.

Novyi Svet still exists today as one of Russia’s most famous wineries.

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