Located in Albania’s northwest, Shkodra is a small city (often overlook on the tourist trail) that is definitely worthy of a visit. From the many landmarks, tasty treats and outdoor adventure sports available, there’s plenty to keep visitors the city busy! To help you enjoy your stay, we’ve put together a list of Shkodra travel tips, so you can make the most of all that this magical, underrated location has to offer!

Eat like a local


It goes without saying, one of the best things about travel is experiencing the flavours that other countries are known for. Shkodra’s location amongst rich, fertile land and its proximity to the ocean makes for some delicious, fresh meals that use local fruit, vegetables, meats and seafood.

Try raki

For Albanians, raki is the answer to everything. Locals believe that the aniseed-flavoured liqueur (which can sometimes be up to 70% proof!) is good for the heart and bones, so it’s not uncommon to see locals having a glass of raki alongside their morning coffees!

The locals are very hospitable


Whether you’re in need of accommodation, a place to eat, directions or anything else, Albanians are there to help. No matter where you go in the country, you will always receive a nice, warm welcome from the locals.

Embrace ‘Albania time’

There’s no need to be punctual in Albania – locals run on their own time! Use it as an opportunity to relax and go with the flow.

Learn some of the language

The Albanian language is unique within Europe; where most languages are derivatives of Greek, Latin or Slavic, the ancient Albanian language is unrelated to any other language in Europe. Even if you get the wording wrong, Albanians really appreciate visitors trying to speak their language. Even learning a few simple phrases, such as hello, goodbye, please and thank you will go a long way.

Learn about the local history

Shkodra is one of the oldest towns in Albania. Having been founded in the 4th century BC, the town has been occupied many times throughout history.

Travel with cash

Most shops and restaurants in Shkodra don’t accept Eftpos, so make sure you have plenty of Euros on you when travelling here!

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