Wedged between the Accursed Mountains and the glittering Lake Shkodra, many travellers only use the town of Shkodra as a gateway for the Albanian Alps or as a stopover on the way to Montenegro. However, this refreshing town is definitely worth a visit! Here, we’ve put together 5 facts about the inland city that you might find interesting:

Shkodra at a glance

Population: 204, 994

Distance to Tirana: 100km

Shkodra is one of the oldest towns in Albania


Shkodra was founded in the 4th Century BC as the centre of the Labeat tribe of Illyrians. The oldest wall of the Castle dates back to the 1st millennium BC. 

The city has been occupied many times throughout history

Shkodra was first occupied by the Romans from 168BC, then the Serbians from 1040, the Venetians 1396 and finally by the Ottomans from 1479. The city returned to Albanian control during the 14th century.

The city remains the traditional market centre for the northern Albania mountain area


The city produces grains, tobacco, potatoes, fruits and grapes and manufactures cotton and silk textiles, copper-wire products and some processed foods.

Shkodra played an important role in the Albanian liberation movement

Which saw the people of Shkodra participate in battles to protect Albanian land.

Shkodra is the 4th most populous city in Albania

After Albanian independence in 1912, the city population was numbered at 23, 000 inhabitants. Now, the city is home to almost 200, 000 people!

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