There’s something about travelling through Europe in the winter-time that makes your skin tingle and body fill with warmth, despite the cooler temperatures outside. The Christmas atmosphere in this continent is truly magical; there’s simply no space for bah humbug

While the countries that make up Europe celebrate the festive season differently, one of the areas most legendary rivers – the Rhine – epitomises winter wonderland. Starting your journey in Switzerland with stops in France, Germany and Holland, each town along the way is festively lit and decorated and strains of Christmas carols fill the air. 

If you fancy a Christmas holiday you’ll never forget, these are the must-see towns along the Rhine River.

Black Forest


Spend a day at the magical Black Forest to experience local traditions and the vibrant Christmas mood.


Savour the warmth and glow of Christmas tradition by spending time wandering the French winter markets of Strasbourg.


A perfect day trip any time of the year, enjoy a guided tour of Heidelberg Castle to see the ruins of the magnificent renaissance treasure towering above the city, and be sure to visit its famed Great Vat, the “World’s Largest Wine Barrel”.


Don’t miss the tantalising treats and seasonal handiwork of sparkling winter wonderlands in Koblenz!


Celebrate the festive season in Rhineland’s Capital City, Cologne. Wander around the city with its soaring twin-steepled gothic cathedral and spend time enjoying the festive, warm glow of the local Christmas Markets.

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