A voyage through old Europe, gliding down the Rhine is like sailing through an impressionist painting. One of the continents major rivers, the Rhine is sourced in Switzerland and flows in a northerly direction through Germany and the Netherlands, emptying in the North Sea. Measuring 1230km in length, there are many scenic vistas to be enjoyed.

One of the best ways to enjoy the stunning landscapes is to travel on a river cruise, where you’ll get to savour the relaxing waters from onboard a luxurious ship and dock at historic Ports that offer many memorable sightseeing and cultural encounters. These are some of our favourites – not to be missed!


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Many Rhine river cruises either begin or end at Amsterdam – Holland’s lively capital. The city’s many canals, bridges and cyclists make for an especially charming urban centre for the country of windmills.


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Founded by the Romans in 38BC, Cologne (or Koln as it’s referred to in Germany) is one of the country’s oldest cities. A great city for history lovers; Cologne is home to more than 30 museums and 100 art galleries with world-class collections.


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Eat, drink and be merry in wine country! One of Germany’s most scenic wine regions, Rudesheim also offers beautiful hikes through its mountains with prime views over the Rhine river below.


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The capital of the Grand Est region (formerly the Alsace), in Northeastern France, is Strasbourg; the town well-known for its German/French-inspired cuisine and being the seat of the European Parliament.


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The other start/finishing point for many Rhine river cruises, Basel, which is nestled on the Rhine is Switzerland’s third-largest town. While, historically, the city attained huge growth as a transportation hub, today it’s an attractive destination for art and architecture lovers.

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