Located in the Fokida region of Central Greece, Itea is a small waterfront town located close to the archaeological site of Delphi. The town’s view of waters and imposing mountains in the horizon make for a pleasant seaside stroll or coffee spot. 

A combination of clear waters and lush green mountains makes Itea the perfect destination year-round. Here, we’ve put together 5 facts about the port town that we think you might find interesting:

Itea at a glance

Population: 4782

Distance to Athens: 124km (as the crow flies)

Itea played an important role in the Greek War of Independence

Every year on September 17, the people of Itea celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Agali. The events start a few days earlier with outdoor events, music and dance performances, theatre performances and on Sunday, the day of the anniversary; an honorary celebration takes place with speeches, wreaths, memorial dance, photography exhibition and reconstructions. 

The local Amfissa olive trees are protected by UNESCO


As you drive into Itea from the mountainous surrounds, you’ll notice that the hills are covered with olive trees, which once belonged to the sanctuary of Apollo in ancient times. Itea has since been nicknamed the “sea of olives” and their productions are now an important part of the local economy.

You can ski in nearby town Arachova


Despite lying on the shores of the Mediterranean, the nearby mountain village of Arachova (also known as the ‘Mykonos of the Mountains’) becomes a prime ski holiday destination for Greeks in the winter. The traditional town made up of stone houses, trendy cafes, boutiques and restaurants overflow with avid skiers, coming to visit Greece’s most famous ski resort.

Itea is home to two Blue Flag Beaches


Itea’s two beaches, Trocadero and Miami, once held Blue Flags. They’re very clean, however, can gather quite a crowd of Greek tourists in the summer months!

Mount Parnassus was the site of several events in Greek mythology

According to Greek mythology, Mount Parnassus (which overlooks Itea) was sacred to Apollo and the home of the Muses. As the home of the Muses, Parnaussus became known as the home of poetry, music and learning. It was also the site of several unrelated minor events in Greek mythology, including being home to the Pegasus, the winged horse of Bellerophon.

Combining both mountain and sea, the small bathing resort and port of Itea is the perfect destination for those seeking an authentic Greek experience. Experience the local charm of Itea and the Mediterranean when you travel with Choice Touring by Globus on our ‘Oh my Goddess, Greece by Design‘ tour.


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