From the pastoral landscapes of the Highlands where time stands still, to the cityscapes that embrace traditional and modern vision, there’s no denying the contrasting beauty that Scotland beholds.

If you’re wanting to experience the best of both worlds on your Scottish adventure, these are some of our not-to-miss top picks!

Loch Lomond


Offering some of the finest views in all of Scotland, it’s little wonder that the “bonnie lands of Loch Lomond” have been praised in a song of the same name. You won’t want to miss the chance to stand amidst Scotland’s most idyllic and unspoiled areas beside the largest freshwater lake in all of Britain.

Isle of Skye


Prepare to be mesmerised by 80 misty kilometres of superlative Scottish landscape. Travel through the rugged terrain made of magnificent moors and mountains, woodlands and waterfalls, loch and landscapes and cliffs and castles.

Edinburgh Castle

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Old-world charm meets new-world culture in the “Athens of the North”. Edinburgh’s rich medieval past and its quirky modern art scene make this Scottish star a favourite amongst travellers. Visit the ‘old town’ and admire Scotland’s Crown Jewels, the Stone of Density, the famous 15th century gun Mons Meg, the One O’Clock Gun and the National War Museum at Edinburgh Castle. Sitting atop of an extinct volcano at Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle became Scotland’s chief royal castle in the Middle Ages.

Scone Palace

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Bright peacocks and colourful history await your arrival at Perth’s Scone Palace, the coronation site of Scottish King’s for nearly 100 years, including Macbeth. Located where the Highlands meet the Lowlands, Perth was Scotland’s capital until the mid 15th Century.


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Surrounded by rugged mountains, Ullapool is an outdoor lovers playground waiting to be explored. Nestled among the shores of Lochbroom, this quaint fishing town makes for a great holiday destination and gateway to the Northern Highlands. Enjoy a fish and chips lunch, or wander along one of the many hillside walks.

Glenmorangie Distillery

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There’s no saving the best for last at Scotland’s Glenmorangie Whisky Distillery. The makers of single malt scotch whisky welcome you with a dram of perfectly aged whisky before showing you how the smoky spirit is magically made.

Check out Scotland on a Globus or Cosmos tour through this amazing part of the world!

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