Whether it is your first or fifth trip since the pandemic, this handy list will make sure packing is a breeze. Check out these seventeen travel essentials to pack for your next holiday.  

1. Cash 

While many destinations accept major debit or credit cards, it goes without saying that you should also carry a small amount of cash on you. You never know when a shop may only take cash, or a public toilet is a paid one! 

2. Day pack lock 

It pays to be safe, rather than sorry, when you’re on holiday! Invest in a lightweight, but secure, lock for your day pack and explore without having to worry. 

3. Handy travel apps 

Photo by Patrick Schopflin on Unsplash

Compared to a decade ago, there are hundreds of travel apps that you can download onto your smart phone or iPad before you depart. To start you off, we would recommend: 

  • XE Currency Converter: providing you with live currency rates so you can stay in the know when spending your hard-earned money 
  • Google Translate: this one is self-explanatory! 
  • TheFork: great for making restaurant reservations in Europe (complete with potential discounts too!) 
  • LoungeBuddy: once you add your trip to the app, it will tell you which lounges you may have access to for those long airport stopovers 
  • Calm: a helpful meditation app for those who may have flying or travel anxiety 

4. Multi-board and universal plug adaptor 

Staying on top of charging all your devices and gadgets is essential when travelling! Make it easy with a universal travel adaptor – check out this article from Wired on the best ones available – and a multi-board (perfect for if there is only one power point in your hotel room).  

5. Reusable water bottle 

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By packing a reusable water bottle, not only does it save time on having to regularly buy water, but it is also good for the environment too! If you’re travelling through an area where you’re unsure of the water quality, you can purchase water purification tablets before you leave to avoid getting sick. 

6. First aid kit 

First aid
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In case of emergency, pack a small first aid kit with plasters, pain relief and antibacterial wipes (as a starter).  

7. Reusable tote bag 

Shopping bag
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We’ve lost count of the number of times that we have spontaneously popped into a supermarket or shop, and realised we don’t have a bag to put the item(s) in! Keep a reusable tote bag in your day pack for these kinds of situations. 

8. Luggage tracker 

Losing your luggage is every traveller’s worst nightmare! Invest in a luggage tracker so you can keep an eye on your suitcase – a key travel essential, especially if you have multiple flights. 

9. International SIM card 

Gone are the days of having to pay outrageous phone bills from being overseas! It’s quite easy to pick up a SIM card at the airport or local supermarket, or there are even some companies that can courier them to you before you depart. 

10. Everyday medication 

Just because you’re overseas doesn’t mean you won’t be susceptible to hay fever or a stomach bug while away! Make sure to pack everyday medication like Imodium, anti-nausea, hay fever and pain relief. 

11. Travel laundry bag 

A travel laundry bag is essential to pack to keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty ones.  

12. Laundry line 

A travel laundry line makes it easy to do a small load of laundry or hang up wet clothes while you’re away.  

13. Rain jacket 

Photo by Lisha Riabinina on Unsplash

Even if you are travelling during summer, rain may happen! Invest in a lightweight option that you can easily fit into your day pack if the forecast is looking wet. 

14. Shawl or scarf 

A shawl or scarf is compact and light enough to pack for situations where you may be visiting a place where it is customary to cover up areas of exposed skin. Throw it on to cover your shoulders or wrap it around your waist to create a skirt, and you can carry on exploring.  

15. Hybrid suitcase 

Lugging around a suitcase on cobblestone streets (or even worse, with a broken wheel) isn’t’ fun at all! If you can, we would recommend investing in a hybrid suitcase – one that has wheels but can also convert into a pack. This also proves handy if your accommodation is up a flight of stairs or if you have a quick change from platform to platform in a train station.  

16. Toothbrush and toothpaste for the plane 

Having clean teeth on a long-haul flight makes a world of difference! It also keeps you in a small form of your daily routine.  

17. Duffel bag 

Duffel bag
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Sometimes you may go a little overboard with your shopping…enter, a duffel bag that can be packed into your suitcase and brought out for your flight home! Your suitcase will stay under the weight limit, and it is perfect to stow away in the overhead locker on a plane. 

What are some items that are essential to you to travel with? Let us know in the comments section below and check out your next holiday with Globus, Cosmos or Avalon Waterways.  


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