For May 2022, the Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project is honoured to be shining a spotlight on the Pathways Project.  

“The Pathways Project is a coalition of leading travel industry organisations aiming to support initiatives that broaden access to career paths in travel that lack diversity, from tour guiding and travel directing to entrepreneurship.” 

– The Pathways Project 

Travel group

The Pathways Project is such an important organisation to support in order to build a sustainable future for communities around the world. Working together to reduce inequalities amongst underrepresented people through key factors like education opens doors and pathways for employment. Travellers also learn about the Pathways Project and the work they do, which in turn increases awareness.  

The Globus family of brands is a proud partner of the Pathways Project, dedicated to illuminate diverse, equitable and inclusive opportunities for people of colour to get trained in land Tour Director jobs in North America.  

For more information on the Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project, click here

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