One of the Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project key pillars is Places, where our aim is to pay it forward. There are so many incredible parks, places, museums and monuments which we enjoy that are the result of previous generations who are passionately committed to preservation.  

The Lighthouse Project’s pay it forward method aims to stay light years ahead of preservation, enabling future generations the chance to relax, renew and reflect on these same glorious places that we enjoy today. 

This month, the Lighthouse Project is shining a spotlight on the National Civil Rights Museum

Turn an unsuspecting street corner in Memphis and you might just come across the dusty blue doors of the historic Lorraine Motel, nowadays the site of the National Civil Rights Museum.  

Lorraine Motel
Photo by @memphistravel on Instagram

On a mission to share the culture and lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement, the museum showcases just how important this era was for America and how it continues to play a vital role in creating equality and freedom around the world.  

“The National Civil Rights Museum…honours and preserves the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We chronicle the American civil rights movement and tell the story of the ongoing struggle for human rights. We educate and serve as a catalyst to inspire action to create positive social change.” 

– National Civil Rights Museum mission statement 

Officially opened to the public in 1991, the building at the forefront of the National Civil Rights Museum is the former Lorraine Motel. This is where civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. With a growing popularity, the museum has since been expanded to include two neighbouring buildings. When visiting, you’ll find interactive exhibits, historic collections, short films and a plethora of history.  

In 2016 the museum became a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum, a tribute to the inspiring work it does to make its mark in history. The Lorraine Motel itself has also been designated a historic site by the Tennessee Historical Commission.  

While every destination is precious to us, the Lighthouse Project supports a number of sights and attractions – some of which we visit on trip, including the National Civil Rights Museum.  

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