The Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project is proud to be shining a spotlight on the Lion Recovery Fund this August.  

For nearly a century, we have cast a light on the world’s most fascinating places and people for our travellers. Now we take that one step further with our Lighthouse Project, shining a light on a sea of needs for our planet, its people and places – enter the Lion Recovery Fund

Lion cubs

In just a quarter of a century, lion populations have dwindled by half, marking a huge loss of a very special animal to Africa.  Created by the Wildlife Conservation Network, in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the Lion Recovery Fund was set up in a bid to stimulate the recovery of the lion population by doubling it.  

“The Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) invests in the most innovative and effective projects across Africa that can recover lions and restore their landscapes. The LRF seeks, assesses, and invests in the best ideas for lion recovery from institutions large or small, with 100% of every dollar donated deployed directly on the gorund”. 

– The Lion Recovery Fund 

The Globus family of brands is a proud supporter of the Lion Recovery Fund and how they target protected landscapes – core protected areas and the communal areas within, around and connecting them – so that they are resourced and managed to help lions, their habitats and prey, and people thrive.  

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