One of the Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project key pillars is People, where our aim is to help the communities of the world shine. We wholeheartedly believe that it’s not just the splendid landscapes and landmarks that make travel so rewarding – it’s the unique people we meet along the way and the culture they hold dear.  

We are dedicated to protecting, respecting and supporting the extraordinary communities of the world as well as improving the individual lives within them. The measure of the Light House Project’s success? The megawatt smiles we see along the way. 

This month, the Lighthouse Project is shining a spotlight on Landmine Design. This non-profit organisation began as a step in the right direction to end poverty and human trafficking through job creation and education for women in Cambodia.  

Landmine Design

In 2009, Landmine Design’s Director, Karla Tillapaugh, visited Cambodia and the place called The Minefield Village. Formerly the most concentrated area of landmines in the world after the rule of the Khmer Rouge, it is now one of the most human trafficked borders in the world. Tillapaugh discovered that the root of the problem is uneducated young women and mothers who had to work in Thailand to help their families, and thus, Landmine Design was born.  

The organisation has grown from 6 women rolling paper beads in an abandoned hut in 2012, to 18 women who receive not just an education at Landmine Design’s HQ in The Minefield Village, but a full-time working wage from working in the safety of their own homes. Another program has recently begun in nearby Poipet, too, with 8 women learning and putting their skills to use.  

Landmine Design sells a stunning range of jewellery and textiles, all meticulously and hand-crafted with love by the local Cambodian women who are part of these programs. All proceeds go towards the organisation to help them grow and hire more women. Each piece has its own meaning, but overall, it is a strong symbol of how we can empower women.  

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