Trang Trinh 

Head of People and Culture ANZ 

Trang Trinh, Head of People and Culture ANZ at Gfob

How long have you been working at Gfob for?  

13 years 

How long have you been in the travel industry for?  

I’ve previously worked in other industries, both private and public, but have spent most of my professional career in the travel industry and haven’t looked back. 

What led you to this career? Was this always the plan?  

When I finished school, I wanted to pursue business studies but didn’t know what field I wanted to specifically study. I knew it had to include psychology and absolutely no finance, and so I ended up studying HR and industrial relations. Fast forward 13 years, I’ve been fortunate to have the support of Gfob which has allowed me to thrive in my role and develop it to be what it is today. I now also work closely with Finance and deal with budgets regularly. 

Tell me the best thing about working in the travel industry?  

The people. They come from all walks of life, they work incredibly hard, they are passionate travellers and they know how to have fun. Travel is a shared passion and being part of an industry that creates happy memories and enriches lives is very rewarding. 

…as well as the biggest challenge?  

The pandemic and seeing the full impact it had on the travel industry was heartbreaking. On the flipside, seeing how the industry showed resilience, pivoted, evolved and recovered has proven that it’s an unstoppable industry. 

Tell me one thing people at Gfob don’t know about you?  

I’m fascinated by true crime and would pursue a career in forensics if I wasn’t in HR! 

In five years’ time, I will be… 

Hopefully exploring more of the world with my family, celebrating more milestones with Gfob and juggling the responsibilities of being a mum/Uber driver to my son. 

What is your best piece of advice for anyone looking to work in the travel industry?  

Do it, don’t look back and have fun. Look for opportunities to learn, ask lots of questions and say yes to all challenges. 

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