Chris Fundell

Head of Marketing Asia Pacific

Chris Fundell, Head of Marketing Asia Pacific

How long have you been working at Gfob for?  

8 years 

How long have you been in the travel industry for?  

A total of 30 years. I started off in general administration and reservations for a UK-based tour operator, before travelling to the Greek islands to work in bars for the summer season…which was a lot of fun! I then returned to the UK to start an operations/administration role for another touring company. My passion was marketing and after putting myself through night school to get qualified, I managed to muscle my way into the company’s Marketing team where I stayed for 13 years.  

I worked for various tour operators in the UK helping build teams and develop growth. I moved to Australia in 2014 and started at a fantastic leisure and business travel agency before moving to Globus family of brands in 2015.  

What led you to this career?  

I studied tourism at college and was hooked! 

Tell me the best thing about working in the travel industry?  

The people! We are a certain breed who work hard, excel with pressure and have fun while doing it. 

…as well as the biggest challenge?  

Navigating the numerous external influences that disrupt travel. This is both a challenge but also an opportunity. 

There have been lots of challenges over the years: 9/11, SARS, Icelandic volcano eruptions, the Global Financial Crisis and lastly COVID-19. These experiences have built strength, awareness, strategy and resilience that helps motivate and shape strategies for the company moving forward. 

Tell me one thing people at Gfob don’t know about you? 

I think they know everything about me – I am an open book. 

In five years’ time, I will be…  

Travelling to new destinations with my wife again. The kids will be old enough for us to leave them alone at home! 

What is your best piece of advice for anyone looking to work in the travel industry?  

Innovate. Start with the foundations, really get to understand the industry from the basics and then build your experience. If you have a sound understanding of the fundamentals, this will give you a secure footing. Then continue to innovate as the consumer demand and needs change at a rapid pace.   

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