Experiencing a new destination while onboard a train is one of the best ways to travel. Especially if you are in Switzerland! You can sit back, relax and drink in the spectacular scenery that awaits you. Here is why you should travel through Switzerland on a train – in particular, on the Bernina Express and Glacier Express. These trains are legends in themselves and are two of Switzerland’s most popular rail journeys. 

Bernina Express  

Bernina Express
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The Bernina Express is the highest railway of the Alps, so you know you are guaranteed breath taking views on this train! Starting from Chur in Switzerland, you will climb the Alps (reaching heights of 2,253 metres above sea level at the highest point!), before making your descent to the northern Italy town of Tirano. This rail journey will take around four hours, one way.  

Each carriage is fitted with expansive windows so that you won’t miss a single moment of glorious scenery. Depending on the time of year, you will be treated to the lush, green meadows or snow-capped mountains of Switzerland.  

Glacier Express 

Glacier Express
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The Glacier Express is known as the slowest express train in the world. This world-renowned rail journey travels over hundreds of bridges and through dozens of tunnels. It is quite possibly the best way to see the mountains, forests, valleys and villages of Switzerland!  

The full route connects the two mountain resort towns of Zermatt and St Moritz, with the ability to hop on or off at several charming Swiss villages along the way. If you opt for the full journey, it’s a full day event taking around eight hours.  

Zermatt with the Matterhorn in the background
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Bonus tips for travel through Switzerland on a train 

  • Make sure you are on time! Similar to Japan, Swiss trains are rarely late and are well-integrated into the public transport system 
  • If your budget allows purchase food and drink from the restaurant cart – it is the perfect addition to watching the views go by! 
Glacier Express
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  • Plan ahead! Since trains are such a popular mode of transportation, it is best to figure out your itinerary in advance to avoid disappointment 
  • You can easily break up your rail journey by getting off at any stop. Your ticket is still valid if used on the same route and same day  
  • Depending on how long you will be in Switzerland, you may want to look into buying a Eurail Pass to save money 

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