Desynchronosis, flight fatigue or jet lag. We’ve all been there while travelling, feeling like up is down and down is up. A disconnection between your internal body clock and a new time zone is no joke, causing symptoms like tiredness, headaches, nausea, dizziness and insomnia. Our bodies are regulated by 24-hour circadian rhythms, easily disrupted by unexpected exposure to sunlight or darkness that goes against our daily routine. So, here are some tips on how to recover from jet lag for your next overseas trip! 

Stay hydrated 

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This is one of our #1 tips on how to recover from jet lag. Hydration is key – even when you’re not travelling! Many factors on long-haul flights (like cabin pressure) contribute to becoming dehydrated so make sure you pack a reusable drink bottle in your carry on. You can even add an electrolyte sachet for an extra top up. We would also recommend trying to avoid caffeine and alcohol while flying.  

Eat the right meals at the right times 

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If you land in the morning, seek out a nutritious breakfast. If you land in the evening, it’s time for dinner. You get the picture! Eating the right meals at the right times all goes towards helping to regulate your body clock.  

Try not to nap  

In an effort to adjust to local time, try not to nap until night time. It helps if your first day or two in your new destination is fairly relaxing so you can slowly ease into your holiday. 

Get some Vitamin D 

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Sunlight can help reset your circadian rhythms so make sure you get outside as soon as possible after flying. Even if it’s just by sitting outdoors at a cafe, sunshine and fresh air will work wonders. 

Jet lag medication 

Before you leave, you may like to check out a pharmacy for homeopathic jet lag remedies to take while flying long-haul. You can also try melatonin which will help with readjusting your circadian rhythm and sleep (this can be purchased over the counter in Australia; or on prescription in New Zealand – don’t forget to consult your doctor before taking any medication).  

Timeshifter App 

If you’re a planner, the Timeshifter app will be your best friend! It creates a schedule outlining the adjustments required before you fly, as well as suggestions for when you land.  


Outdoor walk
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Lastly, light exercise and stretching is key to recovering from jet lag and resetting your body clock. It also feels great after a potentially cramped long-haul flight.  

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