July 30 marks an important date in our calendars – International Friendship Day! A chance to reflect on and share the love with your nearest and dearest pals. And what better way to do this than by planning a holiday together? Creating treasured memories whilst exploring a new destination together is second to none. Here is our list of ten cities to visit with your best friend.  

Osaka, Japan 

Osaka is the real deal: a city that encompasses the old and the new, a mountain of street food to try, and spectacular sights. We would highly recommend visiting the 16th century Osaka Castle. Surrounded by a moat and park, it is one of Osaka’s most beautiful landmarks to explore. You can then make your way to Dotonbori, a popular area for foodies, to start the rather difficult decision of where to eat!  

Québec, Canada  

With a strong French background woven into its culture, Québec is a unique city to discover with your bestie. You’ll catch locals speaking Québécois, charming streets and buildings with French names, and a to-die-food food scene. The best time to visit is summer or winter where both seasons are jam-packed with a variety of festivals.  

Oslo, Norway 

Known for its eco-friendly stance, Oslo is at the forefront of becoming a clean, green city. Oslo’s efforts were recognised and rewarded by the European Commission, naming it the European Green Capital in 2019! As the city grows from strength to strength, each step is carefully considered by urban planners, local businesses and city councillors. For example, the waterfront area of Tjuvholmen was developed with an artificial reef to ensure the underwater wildlife remained safe. You and your best friend will love seeing Oslo’s green efforts in the flesh!  

Glasgow, Scotland 

Known for its friendly locals, whisky and architecture, Glasgow is one to tick off the bucket list. It’s a neat mix of old and new: from its Victorian buildings to trendy music scenes, Glasgow will charm your socks off.  

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

The capital of Argentina is larger than life, welcoming travellers from all over the world to dive into its vibrant culture. Life revolves around the Plaza de Mayo, the centre of Buenos Aires. Here you will find historic buildings dating back to the 19th century, including the presidential palace of Casa Rosada. Buenos Aires (and Argentina) are home to asados, a variety of barbecued meats, so make sure you and your friend get amongst this moreish speciality. 

Salzburg, Austria 

Divided between the Altstadt (Old City) and Neustadt (New City), Salzburg’s two halves are equally mesmerising. The charming city was the birthplace of Mozart and packs a punch with its many sights. Head to the towering Fortress Hohensalzburg, join a ‘Sound of Music’ tour to see some of the filming sites, stand in awe in the courtyard of St Peter’s Abbey, or you can even catch a theatre performance.  

Cradle Mountain National Park, Australia 

If you and your best friend love getting outdoors, then Cradle Mountain National Park is the place for you! While not a city, its enormity with all its happenings could lend itself to be a mini city. As part of the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area, you will be treated to a grandiose experience in full-blown nature. A popular route is the 5-kilometre boardwalk from the ranger station to Dove Lake; or if you and your friend are particularly active, summit Cradle Mountain itself which is 12.5 kilometres.  

The Algarve, Portugal 

The Algarve area is known for its unmatched coastal beauty and mouth-watering cuisine. Visit with your best friend and get ready for a holiday spent relaxing on the golden-sand beaches, swimming in the stunningly clear waters, and exploring the charming towns. We would highly recommend allowing at least half a day to roam the colourful streets of Lagos and indulging in some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever eat! 

New York City, USA 

You could spend one month in New York City and have only covered a small portion of this chaotic (in a good way) city! Whatever you and your best friend like to see, do or eat, you will be able to find it! History buffs? Head to Ellis Island. Art lover? Spend time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Love a musical? The Theatre District is for you. Foodie? Explore Chinatown, the East Village, the Chelsea Markets…the list goes on! There’s no city quite like the Big Apple.  

Palermo, Italy 

Found on the Italian island paradise of Sicily, Palermo has developed into a cultural capital. Dive into the heart of the city or hop around the smaller villages on its fringe. The city alone has 12 UNESCO sites, plus over 230 churches, some of which are more than 1,000 years old! Sicily is also famous for its delectable food, including inventing the cannoli and ice cream brioche sandwich for breakfast.  

Celebrate International Friendship Day by ticking off one of these ten cities to visit with your best friend! Take a look at an Avalon Waterways river cruise, Globus or Cosmos tour today.  

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