It is fascinating to see how travel has changed over time. It has certainly become readily accessible with billions of people taking to the skies, seas and roads each year. However, as we continue to tick off our bucket lists, we should also take the planet into consideration. This will ensure future generations can continue to expand their horizons, just as we do now. Here are seven tips on how to travel sustainably.  

1. Fly with a ‘green’ airline 


Taking to the skies also means contributing to climate change with the CO2 emissions from your plane. If you can, try to pick a sustainable airline to fly with. From airlines with pledges to reach net-zero carbon emissions to removing single-use plastics onboard, this could be your first step in the right direction to flying ‘green’.  

2. Pack reusable items 

Keep cup

Depending on luggage space, make sure to pack reusable items like a water bottle, keep cup, cutlery and even a small (or collapsible) food container.  

3. Stay put 

Montecatini; photo by @sasha_nocciolini on Instagram

10 countries in 10 days is a thing of the past. These days, we would recommend staying put – or staying longer – in the destination. Not only can you really get a feel for the place, but it cuts down on transportation. Check out this Cosmos ‘Gourmet Tuscany’ foodie tour where you spend 7 days in Montecatini with day trips to surrounding towns and villages. We guarantee that you’ll come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of Tuscany.  

4. Time your holiday for off-peak travel 

Catania, Sicily; photo by @claudiastellagemma on Instagram

Travelling during off-peak periods not only means fewer crowds, but it also helps distribute the load a little more evenly for local businesses and cities everywhere. Check out Escapes by Globus, tours specifically designed to do just this during the Europe and North America shoulder months. 

5. Travel off-the-beaten-path 

Alberobello, Italy; photo by @_lefilbleu_._ on Instagram

It is also worth visiting destinations that are off-the-beaten-path. You’re more likely to get an authentic taste of local life, meals and accommodation are cheaper and your hard-earned money often goes straight back to local businesses. Globus and Cosmos offer a range of Undiscovered tours that meet this exact purpose. 

6. Explore your own backyard 

Photo by @quokkaseen on Instagram

We all know that the closer to home you travel, the lower your carbon footprint. Exploring your own backyard for a local adventure can sometimes provide just as many treasured memories as jetting off further abroad! Take a look at Australia and New Zealand tours with Globus and Cosmos

7. Discover national parks 

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park; photo by @foreyestravel on Instagram

There’s a lot more to national parks than you think! They provide a home for millions of animals, flora and fauna – some of which are endangered. Costs like entrance fees are integral in supporting the national park’s longevity for future generations to come. You might like to consider visiting a national park for your next trip! 

How many of these tips have you undertaken? Travelling is a privilege so we should respect the world around us so we can continue to do this for centuries to come. 

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