The Local Favourite excursions are part and parcel of a Globus tour, ensuring our travellers experience the destination to its fullest. Read on for seven of our top Local Favourite excursions with Globus – Europe edition.  

1. Local Tastes in Killarney, Ireland 

Tour: Britain & Ireland in Depth 

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There’s no doubt about it – the Irish sure know how to party! Even in Killarney with its small-town vibe, the best night out is at a local pub. This Local Favourite takes you right to the heart of the town with an entertaining evening. Dine on traditional and modern dishes, complete with festive Gaelic tunes that will have you clapping and stomping along in no time.  

2. Great Performances in Warsaw, Poland 

Tour: The Best of Eastern Europe 

Frederic Chopin statue
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Live classical music is pure magic, and there’s no better place to listen to the best of Frédéric Chopin than in Warsaw, Poland. The famous composer was born in Zelazowa-Wola, a village just 10 kilometres from Warsaw, and his passion and skill made him one of the most talented pianists of the Romantic period.  

Wild and Wonderful in Hauganes, Iceland 

Tour: Iceland Adventure 

Whale watching
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Keep your eyes peeled on this Local Favourite excursion across the glassy waters of Eyjafjörður Bay, Iceland. Board your cruise from Hauganes for the chance to spot humpback and minke whales, and dolphins, in one of the coolest (literally!) places on Earth. This is one for the memory books!  

4. Architectural Feats in Özkonak, Turkey 

Tour: Turkish Delight 

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Discover the secret underground city of Özkonak on this Local Favourite in Turkey. In 1972, a local farmer was curious as to why the excess crop water disappeared so fast and this was the start of the discovery of Özkonak. Carved into the volcanic rock around the 4th century BC, Özkonak has 10 levels and was built to protect 60,000 people from religious persecution and war. To ensure they could all survive for up to 3 months, the city had its own ventilation system, water supply, moving stone doors and even a hot oil defence system.  

5. Local Tastes in Palermo, Italy 

Tour: The Sicilian  

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Sicily’s love affair with food goes back a long way. Cooking traditions originating from the Greeks, Arabs and Normans blend with those from Spain and North Africa. This has created a literal melting pot of flavours and unique dishes, making Sicily a hot destination for foodies. From panelle (moreish, crispy chickpea fritters) to cannoli (fried pastry cylinders filled with a sweet ricotta cheese), dive into some of the island’s best traditional specialties.  

Culture and Tradition in Karasjok, Norway 

Tour: Top of Scandinavia with Arctic Circle 

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This Local Favourite is one of our travellers’ much-loved excursions! In Karasjok, Norway, visit a local husky farm to get up close and personal with some furry friends. Sled racing is common in this part of the world, so hear about the special relationship between musher and dog, racing equipment used and arctic survival gear. Whether or not you’re a passionate dog-lover, you will gain respect and admiration for these hard-working dogs and their expert mushers.  

Local Tastes in Belmonte, Portugal 

Tour: Portugal in Depth 

Olive oil
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Portugal is renowned for many homegrown products, including olive oil. Visit a 20th century olive-oil-factory-turned-museum in Belmonte to learn about this beloved tradition and see the machinery which farmers used to transform olives into oil. Followed by an olive oil tasting, you may want to indulge and purchase some local wine, olive oil or jam to take home with you.  

Have we piqued your interest? Take a look at our full range of Globus tours today.  

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