With Oktoberfest starting on 17 September 2022, we thought it prudent to look at a selection of beers from Germany. It is well-known that Germany produces some iconic drops, enjoyed all around the world. However, we think it tastes the best when sitting in a traditional biergarten (beer garden) in Germany itself. So, prost! Here’s to these popular beers from Germany.  

Doppelbock, Munich 

Doppelbock beer was originally brewed by monks in Munich. You might recognise the doppel part of its name – similar to doppelganger or double – alluding to its similarity to another bock style beer. The colour ranges from golden to dark brown with subtle hints of caramel and malt throughout.  

Rauchbier, Bamberg 

This smoked beer is traditionally found in Bamberg, produced predominantly at two local breweries called Schlenkerla and Spezial. The rauchbier’s smokiness makes it a unique drop, with this process dating back to the 14th century. 

Kölsch, Cologne 

Named for the city, Kölsch translates to Cologne in German. Thanks to a protected status given by the European Union in 1997, only beers produced according to specific standards within 50 kilometres of Cologne can be called a Kölsch beer!  

Pilsner, Germany 

While the very first Pilsner was actually brewed in the Czech Republic (by a German, no less!), Germany took it upon themselves to craft their own variety of Pilsner beer using local hops. It is now the light lager we know today, combining the right hoppy-ness with touches of malt throughout.  

Lager, Bavaria 

Last, but not least, we had to include an ode to a Bavarian lager! As one of the most popular beer styles from Germany found around the world, this yeasty beer comes in a range of varieties. Many people like to experiment with brewing techniques which produces different flavours and colours of the popular beer. 

Have we piqued your thirst now? You can visit Germany on a Globus or Cosmos tour; or embark on a beer tasting river cruise with Avalon Waterways through Europe.   

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