For over 94 years, Globus has been curating holiday experiences full of discovery and insight with hundreds of unique itineraries across the globe. This means that we cater to all travellers, making it easier for you to find your dream holiday. Take a look at five ways to tour with Globus. 

1. Globus 

Banff National Park
Banff National Park, Canada

The touring style for which we’re famous – tours that go beyond the globe’s go-to landmarks to get travellers up close to their local favourite in style. Whether you want a panorama tour through multiple countries or a more in-depth tour of just one country, Globus has one to fit the bill!  

2. Undiscovered Tours 

Bari, Italy

Designed to allow travellers to break free from the beaten path, and onto the cobblestones and trails less travelled. These are offered throughout Italy, the Mediterranean, the USA, Canada, Britain and Ireland. If you travel on an Undiscovered tour, you’ll experience untouched, unspoilt and unexpected discoveries that are nothing short of extraordinary. These tours are ideal for those wanting to find the lesser-known legends not found in any guidebook! 

3. Escapes by Globus 

Athens, Greece

Escapes by Globus are a collection of our best itineraries in Europe, North America and the Middle East which are offered during the low season. This means travellers experience the world’s most popular destinations with fewer crowds, cooler temperatures and for less! Wintertime in these destinations is truly something special.  

4. Choice Touring by Globus 

Video by @global.viewpoint, experiencing our Choice Touring Green with Envy: Ireland by Design tour

We have recently introduced a touring style infused with flexibility! In addition to guided sightseeing at the must-see sights, a Choice Touring holiday allows you to choose YourChoice excursions (a selection of curated experiences) that are included in the package price. These are offered in select cities, allowing you to tailor your holiday to your interests, pleasures and passions. 

5. Independence by Globus 


With Independence by Globus, enjoy the many benefits of touring but untethered and unscheduled. It’s a great choice of holiday for if you want to discover on your own with ease, thanks to on-the-go support from your Local Host. Grab a hold of that freedom to roam, relax and reinvent the way you travel the world! 

With five ways to tour with Globus, you are guaranteed to find a holiday that suits where you want to go, when and what you want to see and do! Visit our website today

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