With International Beer Day coming up on August 5, we thought it apt to hop to it and check out five beers to try from around the world!  

Kölsch beer – Germany 

You know you are in Germany if you’re sipping on a perfectly chilled Kölsch beer in a traditional biergarten! This type of beer originates from Cologne, brewed to be bright, hoppy and clear with a straw-yellow hue. Whilst very typical of Germany, the term of Kölsch was given a protected status by the European Union in 1997. Only beers produced according to specific standards within 50 kilometres of Cologne can be deemed a Kölsch beer!  

Fruit beer – New Zealand 

The feijoa is a coveted fruit during New Zealand’s autumn season. So much so, local breweries around New Zealand have created their own versions that incorporate organic feijoas…and the rest is history! Top choices include 8Wired’s Wild Feijoa sour ale; Garage Project’s Feijoa Wildflower beer; and Urbanaut’s Kiwifruit and Feijoa Gose.

Trappist beer – Belgium 

If you’re after a highly carbonated and lightly sweet ale, look no further than a Belgian Trappist beer. Famous for its deep roots within the Trappist abbey of Westmalle, only a certain amount of this delicious drop is produced each year by the local monks on site. Profits from Trappist beer go back to the monastic community, often towards charitable projects.  

West Coast IPA – USA 

With a solid amount of hops, West Coast IPA beers tend to have a higher bitterness level. Combined with citrus and pine notes, there are a wide variety of IPAs to choose from in this part of America. Follow your nose up the Pacific Coast and you will find a number of breweries for you to discover different beers. 

Pilsner – Czech Republic 

Dating back to 1842 with a longstanding history, you can’t visit the Czech Republic without trying a pilsner! Brewed using Moravian barley and Saaz hops, it has been developed to have the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. You can visit the Pilsner brewery for a tour, found in the heart of the town of Pilsen.  

Are you a beer aficionado, or simply enjoy trying different varieties? You can visit the above countries on a Globus or Cosmos tour; or embark on a beer tasting river cruise with Avalon Waterways through Europe.  

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