America’s biggest national holiday celebrated with family, friends and food – Thanksgiving – is just around the corner. So, we thought it apt to dive into eight quintessential foods that you must try in the USA – at any time of the year! 

1. Cornbread 

Corn bread
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Cornbread is a versatile food that the USA treasures. You can add herbs or jalapenos for a kick of flavour and bake it in a skillet or muffin tin. This cornmeal-based bread is the perfect addition to any meat, salad or stew (as pictured above). 

2. Lobster rolls 

Lobster rolls
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Being coastal, the USA region of New England is famous for its seafood. In particular, Maine is well-known for its lobster rolls (so much so that there is even a Lobster Festival!). Take a buttered hot dog bun and load it up with fresh lobster meat, dressed simply with butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Sometimes it is mixed with mayonnaise, celery or scallions for an added bite.  

3. Gumbo 

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If you are after a bowl of comfort food, look no further than the Southern States of the USA. Gumbo’s roots date back to Louisiana in the early 18th century, so you know it’s tried and true. Filled with goodies like sausage, seafood and chicken, gumbo is a quintessential food to try.  

4. Wild Alaskan salmon 

Smoked Alaskan salmon
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As the name suggests, Alaskan salmon is caught wild which we think only adds to the deliciousness of this superfood. Smoked, eaten fresh, glazed and oven-baked…you can’t go wrong whatever way you choose to eat Alaskan salmon. 

5. Po’boy 

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Another Louisiana classic, the po’boy was created by two brothers in the early 20th century. A great option when dining in or on-the-go, the crispy bread is jam-packed with fried seafood or tender meat. Pair it with a cold drink and fries for the ultimate po’boy experience in the USA. 

6. Key lime pie 

Key lime pie
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One for the dessert-lovers out there, you can’t go past a slice of key lime pie when in the USA. Key limes are known for their strong citrusy zing, making this dessert a firm favourite in the pie department. Choose from having it plain, with a meringue topping or with whipped cream when indulging in this quintessential USA dessert.  

7. Deep dish pizza 

Deep dish pizza
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The city of Chicago has many icons, including the legendary deep dish pizza. The idea behind it was to elevate pizza from a snack to a hearty meal by increasing its diameter and thickness. With all the same pizza toppings (more like fillings for a deep dish pizza), it’s worth seeking out this iconic USA food. 


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Last, but not least, we had to include the turducken. A turducken was developed by a Cajun chef in the 1970’s and has become a popular Thanksgiving centrepiece! A deboned chicken is stuffed inside a deboned duck, which is stuffed inside a deboned turkey. When sliced, your piece incorporates all three meats for a unique bite. 

The USA is full of the weird and wonderful, including these eight quintessential foods you must try! Explore the USA with us on a Globus or Cosmos tour.  

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